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Store Move and Protect Your Files with USB Flash Drives

If you are looking for a local file storage solution that is reliable, easy to use, good for a wide variety of applications, and extremely cost effective, it is hard to go wrong with USB flash drives. A USB flash drive is basically just a tiny solid state hard drive, similar to the SSD that is in most modern computers, but much more compact and designed to be taken on the go. You will also hear these storage devices called by names such as thumb drives, jump drives, memory sticks, and many others.

USB drives are small enough to go on your keychain, in your pocket, or in your backpack. They can hold large files such as documents, videos, photos, program files, or even an entire operating system. Thanks to their solid state technology and lack of moving parts, they are extremely reliable and able to stand up to everyday wear and tear. Finally, with the price of high quality flash memory continuing to fall, flash drives are highly affordable.

Choosing the Best USB Flash Drive for Your Needs

First, you will want to make sure that your USB drive has the right connector type for your computer’s USB ports. USB-A flash drives are the most ubiquitous and use the familiar rectangular USB-A port that most people simply know as a USB. There are also the newer USB Type-C flash drives, which use the much smaller, round-edged, and reversible USB-C connector that’s common on newer devices. Although USB-C will eventually become the dominant technology, USB-A drives are still more common and will continue to be relevant for many years.

Storage capacity will also be a relevant factor in your choice. We offer flash drives in a wide variety of memory sizes, from basic 16GB models to ultra large options with 256GB and even 512GB of storage space. Smaller flash drives are great for everyday office tasks, while larger ones are an excellent choice for backing up a media library or storing expansive project files.

It is also important to consider compatibility and look at which USB standards your drive supports, which will change the maximum data transfer speeds that the drive is capable of. The USB 2.0 standard, while older, is still fast enough for most people’s needs. However, for some applications like transferring large amounts of photo or video files, it is important to have a drive compatible with the high speed USB 3.0 standard or better.

Micro Center’s lineup of USB flash drives includes dozens of models from top names in flash memory storage like Samsung, SanDisk, Kingston, and more. Browse our whole lineup here and find our best prices on reliable data storage you can take on the go.

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