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Shop System Cables for Your PC Build

Inside every computer are numerous cables that connect the various components. From power supply cables that provide electricity to SATA cables for your hard drive, installing the right cables is an essential element of PC building.

Most PC components, like a power supply or motherboard, come with all of the cables you need to use them. However, you might need to replace a lost or damaged cable, or you might need to upgrade if you have a specific idea for your PC build such as using multiple graphics cards. That is why Micro Center offers a wide range of high quality PC cables and adapters for building, upgrading or repairing your PC.

What Kinds of Cables Do You Need?

Power Supply Cables: These cables, also called PSU cables, connect your power supply to your motherboard, graphics card, hard drive, and other components that require independent power. They can be especially important for modular power supplies since modular PSUs come without cables attached. Because connector layouts can vary widely even within the same brand, it is extremely important to verify compatibility and that you have exactly the right model when buying aftermarket PSU cables.

Computer Power Cords: These are the thick AC power cords you will find running from the back of your computer case to a wall outlet. The power cord connects your PSU to 120V AC power using either a standard three prong grounded design or a two prong for some laptops.

SATA Cables: A SATA cable is a must have for carrying data between a hard drive or SSD and your motherboard. SATA cables also come in various varieties, such as SATA power cable combos and eSATA cables for external drives.

Extension Cables: This term covers a variety of cable types that help extend connections that may be too short or awkwardly positioned. You might use PCIe riser cables if you need to mount a GPU vertically rather than horizontally or fan extension cables if you want to change the arrangement of your case fans or CPU fan.

PC cables can be a little confusing even for seasoned builders. If you are not sure which pin connector layout you need, or you need help figuring out power ratings, check out our help center to browse our huge knowledge base or chat live with Micro Center associates.

Looking for a cable kit to connect your monitor or other peripherals? Shop all of our peripheral cables. Need help keeping your cables in check? View our lineup of cable management supplies and find a solution to organize your cables.

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