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Computer Parts Bundles from Micro Center

Micro Center’s computer parts bundles are an ideal way to get started building your custom PC. These all in one bundles provide the most important desktop PC parts in a convenient combo package, with all components verified for compatibility - and available for less than you would pay to buy them individually.

What’s in a Computer Parts Bundle?

While our bundles vary, they often include a CPU , Motherboard, and RAM modules. Here is a quick refresher on the role these parts play in your PC:

Central Processing Unit or CPU: The brain of your computer that performs all of its main functions, from booting up your operating system to running a PC game. As you might guess, it is a critically important part and one that needs to play nicely with all of the parts surrounding it.

Motherboard: The unit that connects all of your PCs parts together, from its CPU to its graphics card to its power supply. Your motherboard also provides headers for critical ports like USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort, as well as Bluetooth and WiFi connections. Choosing the right motherboard will ensure you’ve got plenty of capacity for parts and peripherals and minimize the need to use extra adapters and converters.

RAM: The short term memory that your CPU uses to store files currently in use. RAM speed and capacity have a significant effect on a PCs or workstations performance.

Some parts bundles might include other parts like hard drives or SSDs, graphics cards, or even RGB lighting gear.

Why Use a Computer Parts Bundle?

CPU and Motherboard Compatibility: AMD CPUs are compatible only with AMD motherboards, and the same is true for Intel CPUs and motherboards. Even within these brands, PC builders also have to verify that the individual chipsets and pin configurations of the CPU and motherboard are compatible. Thus the easiest solution is often to use CPU motherboard combos pre selected to work together.

RAM and Motherboard Compatibility: Although the requirements are not as complex as CPUs, RAM also needs to be compatible with your motherboard. DDR4 RAM, for example, needs a DDR4 motherboard, and the same is true for DDR5. That is why many PC parts bundles also include RAM modules verified for compatibility with the board in question.

Cost: Micro Center’s bundles offer significant cost savings compared to buying the same components one by one. This is especially important if you are saving your budget for other parts, like a powerful GPU for your gaming PC.

Convenience: Choosing a computer parts bundle puts you that much closer toward a finished PC build. If you would like to minimize the time you spend tweaking your parts list, a bundle is a fantastic way to reduce decision fatigue while coming out with a capable computer.

More Bundles from Micro Center

That is only the beginning of the bundle deals at Micro Center. We offer bundle deals for every gamer and PC builder, with parts and peripherals like:

Gaming mice and gaming keyboards

Computers and software licenses

WiFi routers and mesh network equipment

Headsets, capture cards, and other streaming gear

Racing peripherals for sim racing enthusiasts

Looking for more ways to save? Check out our bundle deals to see some of our most popular packages, or explore our streaming setup builder and sim racing builder for expert advice on building a specialized rig to fuel your passions.

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