Build Description

Wanted to make a case out of wood settled on mAtx form factor and a close to cubic design in order to pull it out of one sheet of 2’x4’ ply all while grain matching🤓. The design is more akin to a test bench setup in how the board is oriented. There is drawer to house one HDD and two SSDs though I only have one currently. The cables nicely dive down into the underside of the cabinet. The entire system is air cooled with 6 case fans 2 in on left 2 out on right and in on top and front to have positive pressure… the top hole is almost perfectly aligned with cpu… (missed measurement… womp womp. As can be seen it comes with led power and reset buttons the reset led is wired to hdd activity for a neat effect. And finally a full usb2.0/3.0/sdcard reader/audio in out 5.25” bay adapter that I’ve secured in place. While I was very excited to have constructed it to be double hinged I kind of regret it in how it makes the setup awkward… once done however it’s nice and I doubt I’ll have to get in there again. I have some thoughts as to where I’d like to go with the next itiration… let me know what you think!

Favorite Feature

The fact that it’s all secured with m3 screws through holes that I epoxied brass washers around and into stand-offs that I epoxied into the opposite recession.

Parts contained in build

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