by Kevin N Posted on: 12/11/2023

Build Description

WIP Server computer im throwing together from scraps/cheap parts. Need to add more drives and an m.2 boot drive., maybe add more ram

Favorite Feature

it was free (so far)

Parts contained in build

Qty: 1 $0.00
asus x99 ws
Qty: 1 $0.00
gtx 1080
Qty: 1 $0.00
8gb 2133mhz ddr4 micron
Qty: 1 $0.00
random 4ru server chassis
Qty: 1 $0.00
dual 960W switching power supplies
Qty: 1 $0.00
random cpu cooler
Qty: 1 $0.00
assortment of 240gb to 1tb hard drives
Qty: 1 $0.00

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