Audio and Gaming Setup

by anthonycadger Posted on: 9/14/2022

Build Description

I’ve been building SFF for almost 8 years now. My favorite case has always been the NCASE M1 which easily worked for most gaming builds until the last few years of hardware. Once I snagged a 3090 FE it was time for a new case. After a bit of research, I decided to buy a Sliger S620 which is basically a bigger NCASE M1 with a handle option. The build quality is great but I prefer the anodized aluminum of the NCASE. Part choice was easy, not a ton of options for SFF builds. I decided on the U12A over the D15 as the U12A lags only a few degrees while having a much nicer sound profile. The PC is extremely quiet during gameplay outside of the GPU coil whine. The 3090 FE has easily the worst coil whine I’ve ever heard out of the box. Coil whine is one of the reasons I got out of water cooling as the noise floor is always tainted by the awful whine every card seems to have now. A slight undervolt helps but it’s still there.

Airflow is setup for bottom and back intake and exhausting everywhere else. I tried the case flipped once but the GPU temps weren’t great for me. Doom Eternal with everything maxed at 4k 120hz sits around 71-72c for both the CPU and GPU. Overall, pretty happy with the case and build.

Favorite Feature

The handle.

Parts contained in build

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