From E-waste to Gaming Machine #Sleeper

by Arron N Posted on: 2/10/2022

Build Description

The PC was going to be thrown away and the GPU is a hand-me down. While it's takes a while to boot, it's a gaming machine to boot. I'm okay with 720p, so most games can run at 30-60fps with some tweaks. Inde games and older AAA games are no problem, and Overwatch runs good enough (with some stutters). It would be nice to add 4GB of RAM to make it 8GB and an SSD so that it runs a bit smoother.

Favorite Feature

It was very simple to build; all I had to do was add in the GPU! I also like that this computer was saved from being e-waste; it's not the best gamer, but it's decent at basic computer stuff despite being 10 years old!

Parts contained in build

i3 2100
Qty: 1 $0.00
dual core
Dell OEM
Qty: 1 $0.00
2 ram slots
Radeon HD 6670
Qty: 1 $0.00
2GB DDR5 version
Qty: 1 $0.00
OEM Dell Case
Qty: 1 $0.00
Dell OEM power Supply 265W
Qty: 1 $0.00
OEM heatsink
Qty: 1 $0.00
Qty: 1 $0.00

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