Lights are on, but nobody’s home

by Marc K Posted on: 1/24/2022

Build Description

Old system dedicated to running software that doesn’t run properly on newer versions of windows. Runs incredibly slowly because of the relative age of the hardware and the 2.5” laptop hdd, but isn’t worth upgrading due to how infrequently it is used. Prices on everything but the case/AIO are shot in the dark guesstimates.

It may be old, but I actually need to keep a computer this old up and running.

Favorite Feature

It can run legacy software that can't run in current windows versions.

Parts contained in build

Phenom II X4 960T
Qty: 1 $130.00
Crosshair IV Formula
Qty: 1 $100.00
Zotac GT 520
Qty: 1 $30.00
Qty: 1 $60.00
Vetroo Mesh6
Qty: 1 $100.00
Cooler Master 430W
Qty: 1 $40.00
This PSU can't even supply the rated "430W". If you look at the fine print listed on the unit itself (but nowhere on the packaging) it states that it can only deliver 413.5W total.
Vetroo V240 AIO
Qty: 1 $80.00
120GB 2.5" WD HDD
Qty: 1 $30.00