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Mesh WiFi. No dead zones anywhere.
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Community Article How to Expand Your Home Wi-Fi Network — Micro Center Your in-home wireless network or “Wi-Fi” is your gateway to the internet and one that’s hard to live without. Community Article CES 2024: A Big Show for Wi-Fi 7 — Micro Center By Dong Ngo CES 2024 has come to a close, and for fans of Wi-Fi -- virtually everyone who uses the Internet, whether they know it or not -- the show was tremendous. Web Page Netgear Storefront | Micro Center Netgear offers a wide variety of business and home office products for all of your networking needs, Routers, range extenders, modems and gateways, switches and more. Now introducing Nighthawk and ARLO. Community Article Network connecting — Micro Center Hi guys, my house has 3 floors, and I'm planning to use 2 more routers with the modem from the internet provider for each floor so I need help on how to… Community Article Looking for recommendations in updating my home network equipment — Micro Center Seeking quality advice and input in updating my dated equipment at home. Mainly one user. Future expansion currently unknown, but not likely.  Requirements: Community Article Looking for Home Network Help/Advice — Micro Center I recently moved into an old Victorian house, and I am struggling with my home network connectivity.  The house has a small footprint with 3 stories.  The major issue seems to be with the tin ceilings on the 1st and 2nd floors which limit my WiFi signal significantly (I also still have a few walls that are horsehair plaster).  I am thinking of upgraded to a mesh router setup but wanted to ask the community about this. Community Article The 2022 Buyer’s Guide for Wireless Routers — Micro Center So, it’s time to upgrade your Internet router. You’ve come to the right place! Community Article How to Boost Your WiFi Signal — Micro Center Looking to extend your wireless signal or eliminate WiFi dead zones around your home? Community Article Get Whole House Internet Without Whole House Wiring — Micro Center Written by @Vaganza About 5 years ago, my brother designed a new house for my parents and when we got it built, we took the opportunity to run Cat6 cable to 18 locations in the house. Community Article Upgrade Your Home Network with these Micro Center Champion Recommendations! — Micro Center Is your home network getting sluggish? Do you have spots where your WiFi just can't quite reach, no matter where you put your router? Community Article Should I upgrade my router or consider power line? — Micro Center We are moving into a larger house (2 story with a basement) that is about 2700 sq ft. Web Page Breadcrumbs Why should you be buying a new router? Never owned one before My current router does not work My current router is lagging Start Searching for Routers Have questions? Check out our help guide! Choose Your Router 0% completed What's your ISP plan? Basicup to 50Mbps Mainstreamup to 200Mbps Fastup to 500Mbps Extremeup to Gb and above (Fiber) Not Sure What's the coverage area? Up to 1000 sq ft Up to 2500 sq ft Up to 5000 sq ft Over 5000 sq ft What best describes your WiFi usage? BasicLight web browsing, email, entertainment, shopping, few small home devices MediumOccasional work/school, some smart home devices, small household HighExtended work/school, more smart home devices, multi streaming, gaming ExtremeDemanding work/school connection, 4K streaming, gaming PC and console, home security How many users will access this router? 1-2 Up to 6 Up to 10 More than 10 Number of devices that need WiFi? Up to 10 Up to 25Most common selection Up to 50 Over 50 Other preference (Select all that apply) Gaming feature Subscription free internet security 2.5Gb port 10Gb port USB port Need more LAN port (4+) WiFi 6E support Powerline Mesh for thick wall environment Upgradability - AiMesh Powerful and highly customizable Needs frequent VPN connection RGB lighting effect No preference Available Router () Please choose another option. Do you prefer a single router or a whole home (mesh) WiFi system? Prefer a Single Router Prefer a Mesh System Either one is ok Available Router () Please choose another option. What’s your budget range? GoodUp to $100 BetterUp to $200 BestAny budget range Available Router () Please choose another option. Back Start Over We Recommend: Back Start Over $( document ).ready(function() { $('head title').html('ASUS Router Finder'); }); Community Article One From Each Department: What Do You Pick? — Micro Center You walk into Micro Center and are told you can pick one product from each department, no questions asked. You get to go through: Web Page Computer Cases | PC Cases | Micro Center Buy your computer case at Micro Center! View PC cases from top brands like Lian Li and Corsair online or in our stores nationwide. Start your PC build today! Web Page Linksys Networking Discover the world of LG Electronics, featuring innovative televisions, home entertainment products, tablets and more! Shop the LG collection at Micro Center. Web Page Micro Center - Cutting the Cord - Wireless Routers and Access Points Micro Center - Computers and Electronics - Thousands of products to buy: desktops, laptops, monitors, build your own PC parts, upgrades, digital imaging, printing supplies, portable devices, audio equipment, software, video games, movies, tech books, plus repair service, store hours, directions, and employment opportunities. Web Page Computers for Sale: PC Computers & More | Micro Center A great price on a great computer is just a click away! See all of Micro Center's PC and Apple computers for sale and get our hottest deals right here. Web Page GPUs | Video Graphics Cards | Micro Center Shop in-store or online for the best GPUs at Micro Center. With large selections from both NVIDIA and AMD, we have a GPU that will be right for you.

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