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PowerSpec Desktop Computers

PowerSpec PCs come in a number of shapes and sizes. These computers' many variations and price points make them an excellent choice for any task from office work to gaming to streaming. PowerSpec desktops are top of the line prebuilt PCs that can save you time and hassle when looking for your next computer. A major benefit of purchasing a prebuilt PC is that the device comes already assembled and ready to start working right out of the box - the only other thing you will need is a monitor. The many PowerSpec PC configurations at Micro Center offer immediate use of the computer with industry standard components aimed at varying levels of workloads. PowerSpec desktops are affordable yet powerful and offer the best in class performance available for business grade machines. These PCs use Intel or AMD processors with integrated graphics and high quality memory and storage solutions which helps to keep the cost down without sacrificing office based performance. Every PowerSpec PC is immediately ready to get to work and even comes with a standard mouse and keyboard. PowerSpec gaming PCs are a fantastic way to get into the PC gaming hobby without breaking the bank. Sometimes finding parts can be difficult, but prebuilt PCs offer guaranteed compatibility among all components. Warranties and extended service plans for PowerSpec gaming PCs are straightforward and easy to use. When you purchase a prebuilt PC, there is no need to track down and register warranties for each individual part of your computer. There are also many variations to choose from with Micro Center's gaming PCs, and many of them can be upgraded in the future to increase longevity. With help from Micro Center's many build guides or Micro Center's Custom PC Builder tool, you can easily and comfortably make any prebuilt computer feel unique and personalized. Simple upgrades such as extra storage or RAM upgrades can go a long way in terms of gaming performance and adding to your computer's overall lifespan.

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