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Keep Your Computer Sparkling with a Compressed Air Duster

It is easy for a computer to become clogged with dust, dirt, hair, crumbs, and other assorted debris. To blast away the dirt and grime, many people use compressed air dusters. These products are exactly what they sound like: devices that use pressurized air for cleaning computers. They are quick, cost effective, and highly efficient.

Two main types of air dusters are available today: disposable canned air dusters and electric air dusters. They instantly remove all kinds of accumulated dirt from computer keyboards, vents, speakers, and other parts of your computer, and they form an essential part of any computer cleaning kit. Lets look at the two kinds of air dusters that Micro Center offers.

Canned Air Dusters

These compressed air cans are the most common type of duster in use today. Each can contains highly compressed air, plus a compressed gas propellant that helps move the air out of the can. In some cases, the can comes with a long, thin nozzle that is perfect for keyboard cleaning since the spaces between keys can be hard to reach.

Electric Air Dusters

These devices, also called cordless air dusters or dust blowers, are handheld air blower tools that serve the same purpose as canned air. They compress air under high pressure and blow it onto your keyboard, removing dust and dirt. Many include a range of nozzle attachments and adapters that are ideal for cleaning dust in hard to reach places.

Electric dusters can help save money in the long run by providing a reusable solution, removing the need to buy more compressed air whenever you want to dust off your computer. Want to go cordless? We also offer rechargeable air duster devices that offer you unmatched convenience with no need for a nearby outlet.

Find a Compressed Air Duster at Micro Center

Micro Center’s selection of computer duster products makes it easy to find the right electronics air duster solution for you. Shop all of our duster options here, or see our complete range of computer cleaning and maintenance products.

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