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OLED TVs: A New Kind of Beautiful

Organic LED or OLED TVs are a game changing TV technology that offers sharper, more colorful, higher contrast picture quality than anything that has come before. And while the only way to truly appreciate an OLED TV is to see one for yourself, it is worth getting to know how they work first.

First, the basics: A standard LED TV uses an LED backlight, which illuminates the picture created by the pixels in an LCD display. An OLED panel, on the other hand, uses self illuminating pixels, each of which can be independently controlled.

Essentially, this means that OLEDs provide a significantly crisper and more vibrant TV screen than other TV display technologies. They are especially notable for their fantastically deep black levels since they can turn their pixels completely off. OLEDs also eliminate common LED problems such as backlight bleeding, halo effects, and poor viewing angles.

Pros and Cons of OLED TVs

OLED technology offers some incredible advantages, including:

  • The deepest, most true blacks and best contrast of any TV technology
  • Viewing angles that preserve color fidelity from almost any position
  • Ultra thin panel that reduces footprint in your entertainment setup
  • Extremely fast response time

However, like any technology, OLEDs come with their share of potential drawbacks, including:

  • Lower maximum brightness than some other TV technologies
  • Greater risk of burn in from static images although OLED TVs include features to mitigate this
  • Higher price point than other types of TVs

Is an OLED TV Right for Me?

The incredible visual fidelity of an OLED TV makes a fantastic addition to just about any living room, gamer den, or home theater. OLED models include all of the key features of current TVs, including 4K UHD resolution, high dynamic range HDR support for excellent color fidelity, and smart TV features for streamlined streaming.

Here are a few things to think about to help you choose the best OLED TV for your needs:

  • Plan to use your OLED display in a room with brighter lighting? You will probably want to get the brightest OLED display you can find. OLEDs are at their best in dark rooms, so check the brightness rating measured in nits to find one that will give you the brightest and most enjoyable viewing experience. Or, try looking at QLED TVs instead.
  • Watch a lot of HDR content? Make sure your OLED TV supports any specific HDR formats you need compatibility with such as Dolby Vision for example.
  • Looking for sensational picture quality but don’t have the budget for an OLED? Check out our lineup of QLED and neo QLED TVs. These TVs use a quantum dot system for quality that is often competitive with OLED, and they are also considerably brighter making them a good choice for bright rooms.

Find a New TV at Micro Center Today

Watch your favorite TV shows and movies on a new OLED TV. Shop Micro Center’s selection of OLED 4K TVs here and find the new centerpiece of your media experience - and don’t forget to check out our selection of soundbars and home theater systems for all of your home theater needs.

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