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Network Switches for Smooth Ethernet Performance

Network ethernet switches are often essential in environments that require an ethernet connection for large numbers of network devices. You might use a network switch to connect desktop computers, WiFi routers, wireless access points, printers, security cameras, and any number of other connected devices over an ethernet LAN local area network.

Small offices are a common use case for network switches, as are home networks that include large numbers of devices with wired connections. Larger switches are often a must for enterprise applications like data centers, office buildings, and gaming lounges. Whatever you need from your network switch, Micro Centers selection of ethernet switches has a model that can provide it.

What to Look for in a Network Switch

What are the key features of todays network switches? These are some of the most relevant to consider when evaluating a switch for your home or small business:

Managed vs. Unmanaged Switches: An unmanaged switch, which simply adds additional ethernet ports to a network, is the straightforward plug and play option, as well as the most affordable. Managed switches, on the other hand, give network administrators extra functionality and security features, which is why they are often the first choice for business networks.

Bandwidth: Every network switch will have a maximum bandwidth rating - the maximum internet connection speed that the switch can deliver through any individual port. Gigabit ethernet is a current popular standard that allows connections of up to 1000mbps.

Power Over Ethernet PoE: A PoE switch can deliver electrical power through its ethernet cables, which is ideal for devices like security cameras that may not be near an electrical outlet. Note that these switches still require their own power supply from an outlet.

Number of Ports: Consider how many ports you need. Models with five to 10 ports are most common for home networks, while small businesses may need 16 or more. Larger enterprise models may come with 24, 28, or even more ports.

Form Factor: Smaller desktop switches typically come in a metal or plastic enclosure similar to a router or modem, but enterprise grade switches often use a rackmount chassis that slots easily into standard size server racks.

Shop Micro Centers full selection of network switches here, with outstanding prices on brands like Netgear, TP LINK, and more. To complete your business or home network setup, be sure to see all of our routers, modems, and network cables.

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