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Shop Electronic Components for Your Project

At Micro Center, we are not afraid to break it down - and we mean all the way down, to the core electronic components that make electronic devices work. We offer a huge selection of high quality semiconductor components for your DIY electronics projects, whether you are a pro with a dozen Arduino projects under your belt or a newbie just unboxing your first Raspberry Pi.

Essential Electronic Components

All electronic components, from capacitors to resistors, work by controlling the flow of electrical current through a semiconductor. Here is a simplified overview of some of the major electronic components that you will find at Micro Center and how they work. Note that if you are planning to use these on a particular type of microcontroller, check to verify a component compatibility with your specific platform.

Capacitors: Components with two terminals and a dielectric material between them, which work together to hold an electrical charge. Used for the control and regulation of voltages in an enormous variety of applications, from DIY electronics to automotive and industrial products.

Diodes and Rectifiers: Dual terminal components defined by their high resistance in one direction and low resistance in another, enabling them to control which way current flows. Rectifiers are a special type of diode used for converting AC current to DC current.

Integrated Circuits: Combinations of multiple semiconductor types into a single chip structure that can be mounted directly onto a printed circuit board. Available in numerous different packages that include various types of connectors and mounting configurations.

Resistors: Passive components that resist the flow of current at a specified level. Almost every circuit contains resistors of some kind. Depending on the material and construction, they might control voltage, modify circuit gain, or perform numerous other functions.

Relays: Tiny on off switches that control whether a circuit is open or closed, using low power signals from other components to activate more powerful circuits.

Transistors: Components that can serve, depending on design, either as amplifiers which sense low voltage currents and amplify them, or as switches which control the opening and closing of circuits. Large transistors are often mounted directly on a circuit board, while integrated circuit microprocessors may contain thousands or millions of microscopic transistors.

That is far from everything we offer! Check out Micro Center full selection of new products and electronic components right here, or see all of our maker STEM supplies for complete circuit board kits and more.

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