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Community Article macOS General Frequently Asked Questions - Micro Center Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about macOS at Micro Center: Q: What is MacOS? MacOS is the operating system that Apple runs on any iMac, MacBook, and other Mac desktops and laptops. Q: What makes the macOS different from Windows? MacOS is developed by Apple and only Apple will… Community Article How to reset keychains in MacOS - Micro Center This article will show you how to reset keychains in MacOS. You may be receiving messages asking for your login keychain password, or saying the system was unable to unlock your login keychain, or similar messages. 1. Open the Keychain Access app. Go to Finder > applications > utilities > keychain access 2. Click the… Community Article How to troubleshoot your Mac not booting to MacOS - Micro Center This article includes steps on how to troubleshoot your Mac powering on but not booting into the OS. 1. Check for startup issues a. If you recently installed memory or a new drive (HDD or SSD), make sure that it’s compatible and installed correctly. If possible, remove it and test with original memory or drive. b. If your… Community Article Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for macOS - Micro Center Here are some very useful several shortcuts to make using macOS easier to use for everyday functions! Community Article How to reinstall Mac OS (10.7 and later) - Micro Center This article will show you the steps to reinstall Mac OS X. This works for macOS 10.7 (Lion) and later versions. 1. Turn the Mac on and immediately press down the Command + R keys. The keys must be pressed before the grey screen appears. Hold them down until the Apple logo displays on the screen. 2. MacOS Utilities will… Community Article How to download an App from the App Store in MacOS - Micro Center Downloading apps from the Mac App Store built into MacOS is very simple. It's also a safe way to get new apps on your Mac. Apps here are safe as they are reviewed by Apple directly, so you may find the latest and greatest from Apple or other trusted developers right from the store on your Mac. Here is how to download an… Community Article MacOS Sidecar Frequently Asked Questions - Micro Center Q: What is the Sidecar app? Sidecar is a new app that arrived with the macOS 10.15 (Catalina). It allows you to connect the Mac computer with a compatible iPad to use it as a secondary display for that computer. Q: What models of my computer can use the Sidecar app? Any Mac computer model made in 2016 and later can use the… Community Article How to add or remove app icons on macOS Dock - Micro Center This article will show you how to add or remove apps on the macOS dock. The dock is the toolbar on the screen that contains icons to open various apps on your computer. How to add an icon to your Dock 1. Open the application you want to add to your dock. 2. The app icon will appear on the dock. Hold the control key and… Community Article General Network Troubleshooting Tips for macOS - Micro Center If you're experiencing issues with your internet on your Mac, there are quite a few things you can try to fix those problems. The first thing to try is to reboot your router/modem to make sure they aren't causing the issue. A simple reboot could fix the problem within a minute. If your computer is plugged directly into… Community Article How to change Function Key behavior on macOS - Micro Center This article will detail how to change the FN key function on macOS for MacBooks. 1) Open System Preferences from the Apple menu. 2) On the System Preferences menu, open Keyboard. 3) On the Keyboard tab of the Keyboard menu you should see a box for Use F1, F2, etc. Keys as standard function keys. 4) If checked, the… Community Article How to restore macOS from a Time Machine backup - Micro Center This guide explains how to restore the operating system on a Mac from a Time Machine backup. This can be used if the Mac is having problems starting and will restore files as to a previous time. Here is how to restore: 1. With the Mac turned off, connect the Time Machine drive (e.g. external USB storage device) to the Mac.… Community Article Time Machine Backup (macOS) Frequently Asked Questions - Micro Center Here are some of the most commonly received Time Machine Backup (macOS) related questions we receive at our Micro Center stores: Q: How often does Time Machine create backups? A. Time Machine tries to keep hourly backups for the last 24 hours, daily backups for the last month, and weekly backups for all previous months, as… Community Article How to find your computer's model number on MacOS - Micro Center Perhaps you are looking to check out the specs of your iMac or MacBook online, or look for parts, here we will show you a simple way to locate your computer's model number through MacOS. NOTE: Another place to look for system information, such as model number, may be a sticker or label found directly on your Mac. On… Community Article How to check ESET Cyber Security expiration date for MacOS - Micro Center In case you are not sure when your ESET Cyber Security software is due for renewal. There is a way to check the expiration date via the ESET application installed on your computer. This is a guide to check ESET’s expiration date on a Mac. 1. First open ESET. There are two ways to do this: Method 1: Click on Finder,… Community Article Knowledge Base - Micro Center Community Article How to Use Extensions for Safari on MacOS - Micro Center Here are general steps on how you can install, turn on and uninstall extensions for Safari on MacOS. Installing Extensions for Safari 1) Open Safari on your macOS. 2) Open the Safari menu on the top bar, then click on Safari Extensions… 3) The App Store will open and take you right to the Extensions section. From here you… Community Article Knowledge Base - Micro Center Community Article Knowledge Base - Micro Center Community Article Do You Carry This Laptop Battery or Power Adapter? - Micro Center We carry a wide variety of different laptop batteries and power adapters. To browse our selection of batteries that we currently have in-store, check out our Laptop Batteries and Laptop AC adapters. To ensure that you see the most accurate stock of what we have in store, please be sure that you have your local store… Community Article Hyperkin "Trooper 2" Atari 2600 Style Premium USB Controller for PC MacOS — Micro Center hi my name is sandy lovejoy, and i have been having a tough time getting my hyperkin trooper 2 joystick working , i had only received it yesterday in the mail from ebay, new, by the countless great reviews that i had read online stating that it is  compatible with the Xbox its really not compatible with any device i ought to know i basically tried every gaming system that i own which are nintendo wii and my Xbox one and also trying out on my PC does have windows, but i'm not sure where that fits in on the downloaded text to mapped it out the site did not include that example, at the end , i tried it on my PC i managed to get it listed on my device list on windows and the properties dialog box does showed it to be working by hitting the assigned buttons as far as it playing with a actual game it doesn't work what am i doing wrong here ?

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