Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™


From accelerated creation to intelligent collaboration, Intel® Core™ Ultra processors unlock more than 100 AI experiences.1

Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™



Create original visuals and images instantly with just a few words.


Put your own spin on your favorite songs with a simple text entry.

Intelligent Collaboration

Camera tracks your face so you can stay in frame without sitting still.

Gesture Control

Play, pause, and control your videos with simple hand gestures.

Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™


Watch your creations pop off the screen in real‑time with AI‑accelerated Intel® Arc™ graphics.2

  • Responsive video playback
  • Smooth, seamless animations
  • Faster video rendering
Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™


Confidently leave your charger behind with a battery designed to outlast your longest days on the go.


Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™


Intel® Unison™ lets you sync your laptop to any phone so you can seamlessly transfer files, photos, and videos.3


Keep your digital life private with built‑in protection that detects threats before they occur.

Unlock new
AI experiences.

An AI-powered suite of software optimized for Intel® Core™ Ultra processor-based laptops.

with AI Photo Editing : 90-Day Trial

Luminar Neo – easy-to-use photo editing software offering the fundamental tools you need to elevate your photography such as tone enhancement, color and light correction, as well as several other creative tools for photographers like AI sky replacement and AI skin improvement.

with AI Video Editing : 1-Month Trial

Assemble and edit all of your material in the most versatile timeline on the market. No matter if you’re working on color grading, compositing or sound design – with VEGAS Pro you can do it all without switching views or leaving the main interface.

with AI Photo Editing Tools : 3-Month Trial

Bring your photography to life with the most powerful image editing software yet – trusted by pros worldwide. Sign up for 3 months subscription for free and start creating with speedy AI tools, advanced editing features, and better image quality.

with AI Virtual Green Screen : 3-Month Trial

XSplit enables people and businesses to connect, create content, and share ideas. Produce virtual events, create live-streamed content, and more with XSplit Broadcaster. Get best in class, AI-driven virtual background removal, blurring, and replacement with XSplit VCam.

with AI Video Editing : 15% Discount

Designed for creators of any skill level, Filmora 13 is the ultimate user-friendly video editing tool. Its intuitive interface simplifies every step of the editing process. With AI-enhanced features, you can effortlessly handle everything from basic edits to intricate effects, all within the same comprehensive package. This makes it easy for creators of all backgrounds to produce professional-quality videos.
* Limited Regional Availability

Get Started

Follow the instructions to scan your device and claim your AI-powered suite of software.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign-in or create an account. Please note: your phone number is required for account verification and access.
  3. Under "Submit a purchase verification claim", select your retailer, qualifying product and device SKU from the dropdowns. Select " Not Listed" if your retailer does not appear.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan your device with the Intel Hardware Scanning Tool (IHST) to verify that you qualify for the offer by February 15, 2025.
  5. Agree to the Offer Terms and Conditions and complete the short survey.
  6. Select and download the available software products.

What will you do with an Intel® Core™ Ultra processor?

Fast multitasking with a dedicated AI engine1

Smooth 4K streaming on the go

Uninterrupted video calls with friends and family

Applying new colors and styles to images automatically

Extreme multitasking with a dedicated AI engine1

Immersive HD gaming on the go

Collaborating and sharing 4K video seamlessly

Juggling the most intense creative projects with AI‑accelerated graphics2