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Explore Virtual Worlds with VR Headsets and Accessories

Virtual reality offers new frontiers of immersion in games, productivity apps, and more. From exploring virtual worlds like the Metaverse to workshopping ideas in real time with collaborators, the possibilities are constantly expanding. With virtual reality headsets now more powerful and widely available than ever, the VR experience has become one of the most exciting spaces for tech lovers in the 21st century.

To start enjoying VR games and apps, you will need a high quality VR headset, plus peripherals like base stations, controllers, and link cables. Micro Center has you covered with our complete lineup of VR devices and accessories to get you VR ready.

Which VR Headset System Is Right for Me?

Creating a virtual reality experience you love starts with finding the right VR headset for you. Here are a few things to consider:

Connectivity: Most VR headsets connect to an existing device such as a video game console, laptop, or Gaming PC. Take note of which types of devices any given VR headset offers compatibility with and make sure it meets your needs. Standalone VR headsets, which require only the goggles themselves, are also now available.

Field of View: A headset with a wider field of view lets the viewer see more of the virtual reality at once. Many people find headsets with wide FOV to be more immersive, so if that is important to you, go for headsets with a higher FOV spec.

Resolution: VR headsets with higher resolution display more pixels on screen, providing a sharper and more detailed image. That is why gamers and other VR users who want maximum immersion choose VR headsets that offer high resolutions like 1440p per eye and up.

Content Library: Take note of which VR content libraries your headset can use, whether that is SteamVR, the Oculus Store, or something else. Some games and apps may be exclusives to certain platforms, so make sure your VR system offers any specific games you really want to play.

Refresh Rate: Another key visual spec for VR headsets is the refresh rate. Much like the refresh rate on a TV or monitor, this measures the number of times that the screen can draw a new image. High end headsets with a higher refresh rate will tend to give you smoother and more responsive graphics.

Disconnect from the real world and enjoy virtual reality. Shop our full lineup of the best VR headsets, controllers, and peripherals here. A whole new world of immersive experiences is waiting.

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