30 year old HP vectra 486/33N gaming build

by winstonwu91 Posted on: 2/4/2022

Build Description

Bought in 1993 and subsequently added parts inside it this ancient “gaming rig” is still up and running… with dos games

Favorite Feature

Vintage running

Parts contained in build

Intel overdrive dx2odpr66
Qty: 1 $0.00
HP VL82C486
Qty: 1 $0.00
S3 924 with 1mb vram
Qty: 1 $0.00
Qty: 1 $0.00
HP vectra case
Qty: 1 $0.00
Qty: 1 $0.00
430MB ide
Qty: 1 $0.00
Roland SC55 midi module
Qty: 1 $0.00

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