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Add Wireless Capability with a Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth devices, from hands free headsets to mice to game controllers, are a major part of many peoples wireless lifestyles today. So if your computer cannot connect to Bluetooth, whether because of a lack of built in Bluetooth capability or a weak signal, it can be a real problem.

USB Bluetooth adapters offer a convenient and cost effective solution. Also called Bluetooth dongles or Bluetooth transmitters, these mini adapters give your computer an instant Bluetooth connection through its USB port. Micro Center offers several styles and brands of Bluetooth adapters to give you a reliable connection.

How Does a Bluetooth Adapter Work?

A standard Bluetooth adapter connects to your computers USB port. The adapter, a tiny device the size of a fingernail, contains a Bluetooth transmitter that acts as a receiver for your computer. Some are also compatible with other devices with USB ports, such as game consoles and car stereos.

Some adapters might require a quick and easy driver installation, while others offer true plug and play compatibility. Either way, once your Bluetooth interface is connected, you can use it to pair peripherals like your Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headphones, keyboard, or even your smartphone with your host device and use them seamlessly.

Why Use a Bluetooth Adapter?

First, Bluetooth adapters are convenient and cost effective. They are great for people using devices without Bluetooth connections, including people who use multiple devices throughout the day that may or may not have Bluetooth. Most can connect to multiple devices at once with no hassle, allowing you to keep your full suite of wireless devices connected via a single point. Connect your wireless headphones or keyboard with ease.

A Bluetooth adapter can also be useful for upgrading your Bluetooth connection if your system does not support the newest and most advanced versions of Bluetooth. Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 adapters can both provide a substantial upgrade for people still using earlier versions of Bluetooth, and they are often backward compatible with older devices. Most Bluetooth adapters also support Bluetooth Low Energy, a version of Bluetooth that helps save your device s battery. Improve your sound quality and wireless connectivity today with a Bluetooth adapter.

Finally, Bluetooth adapters are incredibly portable and easy to take on the go. With their tiny size and near universal compatibility, it is easy to slip a wireless adapter into your bag and know that it will give you high quality Bluetooth connectivity wherever you are.

Shop Micro Centers selection of Bluetooth adapters here and get an adapter that is perfect for your system. For other affordable solutions to keep you connected, see our whole range of cables and adapters.

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