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Shop 3D Printer Filaments and Resins

3D printers are one of the most exciting 21st century creative technologies, but to use one you will need high quality 3D printing materials. These are the raw materials that a 3D printer uses to print your designs, from miniature models to prototype products to mechanical parts.

In filament printing, sometimes called fused deposition modeling or FDM, you will load a spool of filament material into your 3D printer. The printer heats the filament to a high temperature until it melts, and then deposits it via extrusion through a nozzle onto your print bed, using your design as a guide. Resin printing, on the other hand, uses UV light to shape and dry liquid resins.

To ensure that your 3D printing project gets the results you are looking for, it is critically important to start with the right materials. Fortunately, so many different options are on the market today that there is something for everybody.

Choosing a 3D Printing Filament

Each of the many types of filament has its own useful properties and recommended applications. If you are getting started with 3D printing or just want a great general purpose filament, PETG filament (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) or PLA filament (polylactic acid) are excellent choices. These non toxic polymers are easy to use and good for a variety of indoor applications where they won’t encounter significant stress. PLA is even biodegradable, which makes it a strong choice for anyone concerned about environmental impact.

What if you are a more advanced user creating product prototypes, complex designs, or commercial goods? Materials like ABS filament (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and ASA filament (acrylic styrene acrylonitrile) are known for durability and hardness, although they require more skill and a more advanced setup to get good results. Nylon, polycarbonate (PC), and thermoplastic urethane (TPU) are three other popular choices for advanced users who want more durable and/or flexible results and print at higher temperatures.

We also offer a selection of high impact liquid resins for resin printers. You will find great options like PLA resin and polymorph (polycaprolactone) resin that create vividly colored, high resolution models.

Shop Micro Center’s full selection of 3D printing filaments and resins here and start creating! You will find great prices on top brands like Inland, eSun, ProtoPlant, and more. To get your 3D printing setup started, make sure to see our lineup of 3D printers, with options for every price point and use case.

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