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Laptop Docking Stations - Connect Like Never Before

Laptops, for all their advantages, do not always come equipped with all of the ports a desktop PC offers. Maybe your ultra slim laptop doesn’t have room for an HDMI port, or maybe you are looking for a multiport adapter with dual display, or even triple display, functionality. Perhaps you just need some extra USB Type C ports for the many devices and peripherals you use in your home office. Whatever kinds of ports and power your application demands, Micro Center’s selection of USB hubs and laptop docking stations has the laptop connectivity solution for you.

Choosing a Laptop Docking Station

Consider these factors when you are choosing a laptop docking station:

Number and Type of Ports: Consider which type of connector ports the docking station offers, and how many. USB A and USB C docks are the most common, but many models include any of a wide variety of other port types. Remember to also look at the port that the docking station uses to connect to your laptop. Aside from the usual USB ports, these can include ports such as: Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, Apple Lightning, Gigabit and Ethernet.

Home vs. Portable: Docking stations for using a laptop at home are typically larger, with many different ports that can turn your laptop into a full fledged workspace or gaming battle station. These larger docking stations often come with a plug in power supply. Portable hubs, meanwhile, are almost always powered by your laptop, making them easier to use on the go when power is not available.

Video Output and Resolution: Look carefully at the video output specs of your docking station if you will be using it to drive one or more monitors. For example, if you have got a high end dual monitor setup with 4k monitors planned, make sure that your docking station offers ports with compatible video signal formats and sufficient resolution.

Power Delivery: Thunderbolt or USB C docking stations that support the Power Delivery standard may be able to charge your laptop. Note, however, that this requires Power Delivery compatibility in both your laptop and the docking station port — and the docking station must produce enough watts of power to charge your battery.

Operating System: Most laptop docks offer universal plug and play compatibility with current releases of both Windows and macOS, but some are exclusive to one or the other. Check supported operating systems in the device specs before you buy to make sure.

Browse Micro Center’s full lineup of the best laptop docking stations here, with deals on top brands like Dell, IOGear, and more. Plus, check out all of our laptop accessories to learn about the many ways to get more out of your laptop.

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