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HP Pavilion 15-eg3278nr 15.6" Laptop Computer
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Find the Best Laptop at Micro Center

With more people working from home than ever before, laptops have quickly risen in popularity. Versatile yet powerful machines from name brands such as HP, Dell, or Lenovo offer multiple price points, and numerous configurations fit for any user. Frequent laptop deals and promotions help to make finding the perfect device easy and affordable.

At Micro Center, it is easy to find a new laptop that has just what you are looking for. Whether it be a powerful cutting edge model designed for gamers or a simple and affordable device to connect to WiFi when you are away from home, we have laptop computers for virtually every need. Whether you prefer Microsoft, Chrome OS, macOS, or another operating system, you will find your perfect match in our selection of laptop computers.

Choosing the Right Size Laptop

Screen sizes for laptops range from 10 inches or smaller to massive 17.9 inch high resolution displays. Gaming laptops provide comparable performance to desktops but in an easily moveable package with a built in high end display. Screen sizes on gaming laptops are often larger than standard office or home use machines. This is because of the premium components present in gaming laptops.

The latest Nvidia and AMD graphics cards enable laptops to edit and create high resolution photos and video, as well as play resource intensive video games on the go. Check out gaming laptops equipped with AMD integrated graphics which are denoted with the laptop CPU containing a U at the end such as AMD Ryzen 7 5700U. We have also got gaming laptops with Nvidia GPU options, including the popular Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050, RTX 3060, RTX 3070, and others.

When paired with high end displays like the 144Hz QHD screens found on some HP and Lenovo laptops, such as the Lenovo Ideapad, these devices can provide a desktop like experience with much more portability. Some manufacturers even have separate divisions focused on producing gaming laptops, such as Acer and their line of Predator laptops.

The Best Laptops for Speed and Performance

In addition to size, you also need to think about your laptop computers speed and performance. The processor or CPU is one of the best things to look at when selecting a PC or Mac laptop to boost productivity, gaming experience, or general day to day tasks. Business laptops may not need as much power and speed as gaming laptops, so you want to make sure you dive into the best choice for your specific uses.

The Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 remain among the best and most common laptop CPUs, making them a great choice for your day to day or gaming laptop. You will find these used in laptops by Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Microsoft, and more. You may want to consider investing in a laptop with an AMD CPU to boost the visuals and performance of your new laptop. These work amazingly with the AMD Radeon and other ultra responsive graphics cards.

Storage is also critical when selecting your new laptop. We offer laptops with options such as 128GB SSD (solid state drive), 512GB SSD, and 1TB SSD drives to help you find the laptop with the right amount of storage for your needs. Be sure to narrow down our huge selection of laptops by memory speed as well to find the right options for you.

The Best Laptops and Laptop Brands

Not sure which laptop to buy? Our in store associates can help you narrow down your decision. No matter if you are looking for a versatile HP Pavilion, a high tech Microsoft Surface, or a gaming computer featuring cutting edge technology, Micro Center has exactly what you need in a new laptop. Regardless of the operating system you prefer, we have got options that seamlessly run MacOS, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11 Home, Windows 11 Pro, Chrome OS, and more.

Dell laptops have many different USB docks they can connect to that add multiple video out options and extra USB ports for peripheral devices. HP laptops and other brands can also be set up as desktop workstations using universal docks and peripheral devices. At Micro Center, we can also help set you up with a new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air featuring the latest macOS and Apple’s latest Apple M1 chip. Pair them with compatible external monitors for a full HD workspace.

The Chromebook also continues to be an ultra popular option for students and workers, thanks to the speedy and secure Chrome OS operating system. Many Chromebooks use intuitive touchscreens, and long lasting batteries to help you stay on top of your work, play, or studies.

Why Shop Micro Center

Due to laptops growing popularity, there are many options for consumers to choose between. Luckily, laptop deals are frequent and provide the most affordable way to purchase name brand machines from popular companies like ASUS, Acer, Mac, Microsoft, HP, Razer, Lenovo, and many more. Get an excellent warranty and great prices when you shop Micro Center for your new laptop!

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