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ASUS ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro - BE30000 WiFi 7 Quad-Band AiMesh Whole Home Wireless System - 2 Pack
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Build and Customize Your Wireless Network

Every day, most of us rely on a wireless network to provide a broadband internet connection for our laptops, mobile phones, IoT devices, tablets, and just about everything else electronic. To create, strengthen, and modify these wireless networks, we need wireless network hardware like wireless routers, access points, range extenders, and more.

Today, more tools than ever are available for creating your ideal wireless technology solution. From blazing fast routers to convenient signal boosters and adapters, Micro Center offers the full range of wireless networking equipment for building speedy and resilient mobile and computer networks.

Types of Wireless Networking Devices

Wireless Router: A router is the number one necessity for any wireless network. While your modem is responsible for connecting to your internet service provider, your router connects to the modem via Ethernet and broadcasts a wireless local area network WLAN - the WiFi network that your devices connect to. Most routers also act as Ethernet switches, allowing for the creation of Ethernet networks, and allow administrators to configure and manage the network. Routers come with a wide range of features, including dual band 2.4GHz / 5GHz networks, built in modems, firewall options, and optimization capabilities for gaming.

Wireless Access Point: An access point is a single function relative of the router whose purpose is to expand wireless signal coverage. Connected to a router via Ethernet cable, the access point provides a high quality wireless signal wherever it is needed. It does not, however, include the other capacities of the router, such as creating wired networks. Access points are especially common in businesses that need to cover large areas with WiFi signal to provide office networks or guest hotspots.

Signal Booster Range Extender: These wireless devices pick up WiFi signals in your home via antenna, and then rebroadcast them to improve your home network’s coverage. Although they have speed and device capacity limitations, boosters and extenders can be helpful in providing wireless network coverage throughout larger homes.

Network Adapter: While the vast majority of motherboards today come with built in WiFi capabilities, some may not, or they may not be compatible with the latest versions of the WiFi protocol. That is why some people use wireless network adapters, compact devices that plug into a computer via USB or PCIe connectors and allow users to connect to WiFi.

Bluetooth Adapter: Bluetooth is another type of wireless network essential for many mobile devices. If your device doesn’t have the Bluetooth compatibility you need, a Bluetooth adapter provides a compact and affordable solution - just plug it in and go.

Shop all of our wireless network hardware here and find exactly what you need to get connected. Need hardware for your wired network? See all of our network switches and more in our wired networking selection.