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Explore Our Selection of Headphones and Earbuds

Headphones see daily use in a number of industries and activities. Earbud headphones, also known as in ear headphones, specifically have become more prevalent recently because of their many applications ranging from audio listening to professional meetings and remote work.

Devices such as over or on ear headphones and gaming headsets can also serve multiple purposes for work and leisure. Wireless headphones with microphones can be connected to multiple devices and used to communicate in any setting, from voice calls to in game lobbies. Sport earbuds are especially popular, thanks to their water resistance and lack of tangle prone cords that can make wired earbuds a pain at the gym. Of course, there is always a place for classic studio headphones, too, with over ear designs you can sink into and enjoy exceptionally deep, crisp, accurate audio.

The Power of True Wireless Headphones

Many headsets on the market also have a wireless version available, thanks to Bluetooth technology. Devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets can all connect to Bluetooth headphones and give users high quality audio without any pesky wires getting in the way. Battery life in wireless headphones has also seen huge improvements since the early days of the technology, and many wireless headphones now offer battery life that can get you through a full day at work, on campus, or around the house.

Bluetooth earbuds specifically are great for remote meetings and work from home situations where you may need to look professional and not use a large headset or microphone. One of the other benefits of Bluetooth headphones is that many devices support Bluetooth connections, so it is common to use a single headset with multiple computers or phones. Business focused features such as sound isolation or background noise reduction can make headsets ideal for gaming and streaming. Over ear headphones help to isolate sounds directionally and can give gamers a huge advantage over the competition. Wireless headphones with mics also allow gamers to easily communicate with teammates without the need for complicated setup or audio configuration.

Apple AirPods and their premium cousins, the Apple AirPods Pro, are massively popular true wireless earbuds. Audiophiles, meanwhile, will find a lot to love from the AirPods Max, with their over ear design and noise canceling technology. When combined with the latest iPhones, they can provide users some of the most intuitive and high quality Bluetooth audio possible. The built in microphone in AirPods also makes them great for voice calls on the go or video calls in loud spaces, and wireless charging fans will love that the 3rd generation AirPods’ charging case is now compatible with Apple’s wireless MagSafe chargers. Oh, and don’t forget — you can still use AirPods with your Android device.

Boost Your Audio Quality

Other name brands such as Sony and JBL also offer wireless noise canceling earbuds that work with tons of devices and are perfect for remote meetings or communications. Many models of noise canceling headphones now include active noise cancellation ANC technology, which listens for outside noise using built in microphones and blocks it out using sophisticated sound generation algorithms. Apple AirPods even include a unique Transparency Mode feature that blends external sound realistically with internal sound, so you can enjoy your audio without sacrificing the ability to hear your surroundings.

Professional grade over ear headsets, such as studio monitor headphones from Audio Technica, take sound quality to the next level and provide a great overall experience with their luxuriously comfortable fit. While such high end headsets can come at a premium price, the massive number of features and enhanced audio quality present in said devices make them favorites among recording artists and other audio based professionals. Top of the line headsets also excel in the modern workplace because of their exceptional stability and consistency.

Micro Center’s huge selection of wired and wireless earphones and earbuds is here for you to shop, select, and enjoy! Choose from our lineup of top audio brands like JBL, Apple, Beats, Sony, Anker, and more. To complete your audio setup, be sure to see our selection of computer speakers and microphones.

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