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Webcams for Live Streaming, Video Conferencing, and More

Maybe you are streaming your gaming sessions on Twitch or meeting remotely with your team on Zoom. Perhaps you are video chatting with friends and family on Skype, or even just using Windows Hello to sign in. Whatever you are doing, a webcam is now a central part of many people’s digital lives. Todays HD webcam models are rising to meet the challenge with improved features and picture quality that make sure you are always looking your best.

Although most laptops and all in one desktop computers include at least a 720p webcam, upgrading to a 1080p HD or even a 4k webcam is a smart move for maximizing video quality. That is crucial both for creators who want to present the highest quality content to their followers and for professionals putting their best foot forward to clients and co workers. Meanwhile, many desktop computers don’t come with a webcam, making it a must have for anyone who plans to use their new desktop for streaming or video calls.

Choosing the Best Webcam for You

These are some of the factors that make a difference in finding a webcam that suits your needs:

Image Quality: 720p webcams are popular with users who need a basic home office webcam, while full HD 1080p webcams are the gold standard for video conferencing and streaming webcams. When ultra high definition is a must, numerous 4k webcam models are also now available. High dynamic range or HDR can be a clutch feature when color accuracy is important.

Frame Rate: The number of frames per second a webcam can transmit is also relevant for video quality. 30fps is the minimum you should look for, but 60fps webcams are popular with those who want to ensure smooth frame rates on HD video streaming.

Autofocus: Many of todays most popular webcams include an autofocus lens that finds your face automatically, saving you the hassle of manual adjustment.

Microphone: Some webcam models include built in microphones - a great choice if you like all in one devices and would prefer not to buy a separate mic.

Lighting: Higher end webcams also sometimes include a ring light, like those used by pro streamers, to make it easy to get perfect lighting even in a lowlight area.

Viewing Angles: Also known as FoV or field of view - take note of the viewing angles that each webcam offers. A 60 degree camera can be sufficient for solo streamers, but anyone who needs to broadcast multiple people in the same area will likely want to invest in a wide angle camera with a 90 degree field of view or more.

USB Compatibility: Nearly all modern webcams connect via USB, but if video quality is a high priority, look for USB 3.0 or higher to maximize data speed.

Micro Center offers a full selection of the best webcams from leading names like Logitech, Razer, and more. Want assistance in selecting the best products for your ultimate Creator Studio haven? Be sure to see our Creator Studio Builder.

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