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Community Article Compatible screen upgrade for N156HGA-EAL REV.C1 — Micro Center Good morning, folks. I love nearly everything about my current notebook, except for the screen. I swear this thing could make a Ghibli movie look bland. Community Article I'm an old-school firmware engineer, not an op-sys guru... — Micro Center How to enable the Inland 3.5" TFT LCD Touchscreen Monitor on a Raspberry Pi-3B works. How do you switch back to the HDMI output? Community Article How to enable the Inland 3.5" TFT LCD Touchscreen Monitor with Raspberry Pi — Micro Center Recently some users have reported issues using the Inland 3.5” TFT LCD Touchscreen Monitor with their Raspberry Pi. Community Article The TV Screen Type Explainer — Micro Center Choosing the best television these days can be tough, especially for those who haven’t been watching the TV market since their last purchase. Web Page Screen Protection Plan for TVs | Micro Center Screen Protection Plans for TVs (LCD/LED/Plasma). Choose the Micro Center Screen Protection Plan and not only do you get all the regular Protection Plan benefits, but you will get the added benefit of Screen Protection. If your screen becomes cracked during normal usage, it will be replaced. Plan Benefits. We have a full selection of protection plans available at your store. Community Article TV Buying Guide — Micro Center Looking to spruce up your home theater with a new TV, but not sure where to begin? New TV terms and styles throwing you for a loop? We’ve got you covered. Community Article corsair LCD upgrade kit — Micro Center hello my question is will the corsair icue elite LCD upgrade kit work on the pump head of the corsair icue link h170i RGB? Web Page Replacement Protection Plans | Micro Center Micro Center Replacement Protection Plan. If your merchandise breaks of fails, the Micro Center Replacement Plan will go to work for you. Just bring in your covered merchandise for an assessment of the technical problem. Plan Benefits. We have a full selection of protection plans available at your store. Web Page Extension Protection Plan Desktops | Micro Center Extension Protection Plans for iPODs and Other Small Electronic Devices. With the Micro Center Date of Purchase Protection Plan, not only is your Small Electronic Device protected against the added expense of parts and labor to repair it, but it also includes in store service or shipping to and from the authorized repair center. If it becomes uneconomical to repair during the coverage period, it may be replaced free-of-charge with a comparable item. Two-year and three-year plans are available. Plan Benefits. We have a full selection of protection plans available at your store. Community Article Just Relaunched Across the Country - The Micro Center Mobile Department! — Micro Center Looking for unlocked smartphones, tablets, or wearables? Check out our newly redesigned mobile department*! Community Article Upgrades to prebuilt pc — Micro Center Need some assistance with parts for upgrades. Bought a prebuilt gaming pc, works awesome but I think we can do a little more. Web Page Replacement and Protection Plans | Micro Center We offer a variety of protection plans to help you get just the right coverage for your desktop, laptop, netbook, Macbook, iPad, digital cameras and camcorders, GPS, MP3, iPod, eReader, and other small electronic devices, gaming consoles, and TVs (LCD, LED, Plasma). Our protection plans include, Accidental Damage, Extension Protection plans, Repair and Replacement plans, Date of Purchase Plans, Screen Protection Plans. If one of these plans doesn't sound like exactly what you need, don't worry! We have a full selection of protection plans available at your store. Community Article Inland RPI TFT 3.5" LCD Touchscreen Shield not recognizing touch — Micro Center I have gone through the setup a few times now, I've gotten the display to work as a display showing what my RPi 4 is doing. Community Article Inland 3.5 inch LCD with Raspberrypi 4 — Micro Center It appears that the Inland 3.5 inch LCD may not be capable with the latest 2023 Raspberrypi OS release. Community Article Practical guide for buying projectors (3LCD or DLP/4K or not?) — Micro Center I have been using video projectors for over 15 years. My most recent one was a Mitsubishi WD3300U. Community Article cracked LCD monitor screen now what — Micro Center Any parts guys out there want a broken AOC LCD model 24G1? Community Article Unable to return a damaged monitor — Micro Center So I just had a terrible experience in the Houston store. Community Article whats the deal with resin? (printers) — Micro Center as of the last year or two resin printers have gotten incredibly accessible to the average maker, mostly due to phone lcd's becoming very common to find, and masked sla technology becoming very accessible, in a masked SLA printer there are typically 4 components, the uv lamp which is just a bunch of uv bulbs strapped to a large heatsink, an lcd screen (usually these are cheaper phone lcd's) and a vat of resin. Community Article Standard Resin Configuration — Micro Center Is there anywhere to get the recommended configuration (exposure timing, etc.) for the Inland Resins? Do we know who the OEM is? Community Article Fantastic Coolers for AMD X3D Processors! — Micro Center Last week saw the release of AMD's excellent new line of X3D processors - specifically the 7900X3D and 7950X3D.

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