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    サイバー Ripper Build サイバー Ripper Build

    I hadn't known what Cyberpunk or what the cyber/futuristic aesthetic was until spring of this year. Pre-covid I had dabbled... I hadn't known what Cyberpunk or what the cyber/futuristic aesthetic was until spring of this year. Pre-covid I had dabbled in the music that is vaporwave, cyberwave, futuristic club, etc. However, I had not known about Cyberpunk 2077's existence really until I had started seeing memes of Keanu Reeves on Instagram. That is when I looked into it, it was around late 2019 or early this year. I began watching trailers, gameplay previews, and other lore-related videos hyping up the game on YouTube. Honestly I had never become so interested and passionate about a game release until now. After looking into it, I knew this game was it, and I quickly handed over my money to CD Projekt Red, as I had also found out that they had been the genius masterminds behind Witcher 3, another one of my favorite games. I grew so heavily invested into the game, that I set out to create the ultimate machine that would embody the whole concept of futuristic cyberpunk and harness it within one god-like gaming/streaming rig. I knew that I, one day, would also try to get into streaming, so I thought why not create a powerful yet pretty rig capable of pretty much anything involving multi-threaded processes, whether it be video streaming, homework, gaming, or even work-from-home. Shortly, after getting placed on furlough, I set out to do all of my research, and this happened. A process of 5 months + worth of hardware research, culminating until one god-tier rig that would serve me not only for this spectacular game release, but for decades to come into my later adulthood: The Cyber-Ripper. Being 20 years old, I didn't have much time or money, however I been saving for something like this, as I had always been sort of a techie. But never like this...I had become infatuated by anything tech in general, and I set out watching almost every Linus, Gamers Nexus, and JayzTwoCents video known to man. As if that wasn't already nerdy enough, I ended up spending many many pretty pennies on all sorts of different computer parts. Luckily enough for me, due to the circumstances of the current covid situation, my parts were scattered all across the world. I waited many many weeks to receive each and every part needed to make this whole build happen. After the 5-6 months of just pure research and saving alone, I swiped my card one day and begun the wait, waiting for all my hard work to come to fruition. Slowly but surely, all of my parts came in, one by one, the last part being the power supply which took a solid 3 months from the date I ordered it to come into my possession. I was nervous, sweat beaded down my forehead and arms as I built this rig in the heat of my second-story room. Mind you, I live in southern Cali, so my room gets quite hot during the day and afternoon. When it finally booted up into bios and I saw all the pretty lights lighting up, I was ecstatic and I knew my time has come. As corny as it sounded, I was fully ready to game. Now is the waiting game again, as the release for the big-hit title Cyberpunk 2077 looms ahead of us. I honestly cannot wait to overclock this thing and run everything at 4K on my beauty-of-a monitor, the Predator XB273K which is capable of 4K at 144 hz, WITH G-sync and HDR enabled. I am super excited and looking forward to the release date, where I can delve into the beautiful scenery that is Night City and experience the experience I had been waiting for. All in all, I built this computer because of Cyberpunk, and I do not regret it. All themes and looks of the build was inspired by the aesthetic presentation that Cyberpunk left on me as a first impression back when I first heard about it in 2019. I hope you all enjoy looking at it, and yes I do know the current GPU is a huge bottleneck, however I wanted to wait for the next series of RTX 3000 graphics cards until I shelled out anymore money, I hope you all understand. Now that I am off furlough and working hard, I'm gonna be looking into that brand-spanking new RTX card which hopefully will release around the time Cybperunk does. ;) Thanks for viewing and have a good one.
    Zack W

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