CPU Cooler and Fan Replacement Service Heatsink failures are devastating. We can fix this to prevent CPU issues.


Product Information
Mfr Part#
Same Day Service
Hardware Repair
Parts Warranty
1 year for replacements parts, if your device is not covered under a manufacturer's warranty, or extended service plan. Warranty for retail parts are covered under the manufacturer's warranty and will vary by part and manufacturer.
Labor Warranty
90 Days

Heatsink Replacement Repair Details

  • This service applies to replacing a failed heatsink or cooler in your computer after a paid and performed diagnostic
  • We will identify the appropriate and compatible heatsinks or a compatible AIO liquid cooler for your desktop
  • We will order any replacement components required for your laptop, as these are generally not stocked
  • We will carefully disassemble your computer, retaining any screws or brackets necessary to reinstall your heatsink or cooler
  • We will then install a replacement heatsink or cooler in your computer, carefully reconnect all connectors and reassemble your computer
  • Finally, we will test your computer to ensure the replacement heatsink or cooler is performing as expected

What We Need From You

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The device you want us to repair for you and the power cord and adapter if it is a laptop or an all-in-one desktop
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If you have already purchased a replacement heatsink or AIO cooler please bring it in as well

We'll Keep You Updated

When you drop off your equipment with us, we will do a quick check to see that everything is in order, then send you a text to give you a place to respond to ask any questions during the diagnostic and repair After diagnostics are completed (generally same day), we will contact you via text or email with the results of our diagnostics and the cost to repair your computer If we have to order any parts from a vendor (generally just laptops), we will provide you a timeframe at this point Installation of a replacement heatsink is typically done between 90 minutes (desktops) and two hours for laptops If we have to contact you due to any incompatibility or issues, your technician will call or text you with updates as they progress to figure out the best way to proceed Once the work is completed, we will call, text, or email you when the computer is ready to be picked up, and the final cost
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CPU Cooler and Fan Replacement Service Heatsink failures are devastating. We can fix this to prevent CPU issues.


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