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ISBN-10: 1-8907-7498-7 ISBN-13: 978-1-89-077498-1

This core Visual Basic .NET book has been a favorite of developers ever since the 1st edition came out in 2002. So you can be sure that this 6th edition will deliver the professional skills youre looking for. Its a self-paced book that shows you how to use Visual Studio 2015, VB 2015, and the .NET 4.6 classes to develop Windows Forms applicationswhether youre new to programming or not. Its a data programming book that shows you how to create professional database applications using data sources, ADO.NET code, and the Entity Framework, as well as how to use LINQ to query data structures, from collections to arrays to datasets. Its an object-oriented book that shows you how to use business classes, inheritance, and interfaces the way theyre used in the real world. When youre done, youll be able to develop 3-tiered, object-oriented Windows Forms applications the way the best professionals do. And youll have the core VB and Visual Studio skills that you need to develop any VB applicationwhether for Windows, the web, or mobile devices.

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Mike Murach & Assoc. Murach's Visual Basic 2015, 6th Edition

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