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HP OMEN Transcend 16-u0078nr 16" Gaming Laptop Computer
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Explore the Best PC Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are on the rise, both in popularity and in power. Versatile yet powerful machines from name brands such as HP, Dell, or Lenovo offer multiple price points and numerous configurations fit for any user. With Micro Centers array of the best gaming laptops and exclusive deals, finding a powerhouse portable gaming solution has never been so easy and affordable.

What Features Do Gaming Laptops Offer?

Graphics are one of the most important areas where gaming laptops are built to excel. Gaming laptops provide comparable performance to desktops but in an easily moveable package with a built in high end display. Screen sizes for these laptops are often larger than standard office and home use machines. Dimensions can range from 10 inches or smaller to massive 17.9 inch high resolution displays, always in at least 1080p Full HD, but often in higher resolutions like 1440p or even 4k.

A great screen requires a great graphics card to reach its potential and, fortunately, you will find all kinds of premier graphical components present in gaming laptops. The latest Nvidia and AMD graphics cards enable laptops to edit and create high resolution visuals, as well as play resource intensive video games on the go. When paired with high end displays like the 144Hz QHD screens found on some HP and Lenovo laptops, these devices can provide a desktop like experience with much more portability.

The best gaming laptops are also optimized for speed and execution. A typical mid range gaming laptop will include high performance CPUs from AMD Ryzen or Intel, a fast and efficient 512GB or 1TB SSD that helps shorten game load times, and at least 16GB RAM. These components work together with the laptop’s GPU to produce stunning performance in a wide variety of graphically demanding games. No matter where you are, you will be able to enjoy smooth frame rates and lovingly rendered detail in your favorite PC games.

Some manufacturers even have separate divisions and brands focused on producing gaming laptops. This includes Dell and their line of Alienware products, as well as brands like ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG), Acer Predator, and Lenovo Legion. When you see these top gaming laptop brands, you will know that the laptop’s features and specs are optimized for powerful PC gaming. Many specialty gaming laptop models also exemplify the futuristic aesthetic, with the ever popular RGB lighting and angular styling that sets them apart from typical business laptops.

The Incredible Versatility of Gaming Laptops

One of the major benefits of using a laptop is that modern machines come with all the tools and features necessary to function as a desktop. Video out options and ample USB ports allow laptops to be set up like a gaming desktop, complete with an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

The added versatility of laptops is excellent for working from home, hybrid in office, and remote work situations. Thanks to the muscular specs of gaming laptops, most are well equipped to handle demanding professional software applications. Dedicated equipment can be left at home and work, which allows you to easily connect your laptop and have multiple desktop like workspaces.

Gaming laptops are also notable for the wide variety of port and peripheral connections they offer, often including more options than a standard business laptop. Dell laptops have many different USB docks they can connect to that add multiple video out options and extra USB ports for peripheral devices. HP laptops and other brands can also be set up as desktop workstations using universal docks and peripheral devices. Moreover, peripherals like gaming headsets function just as well on an office call as they do in a gaming match, allowing remote workers to seamlessly switch back and forth between working hard and playing hard.

Due to gaming laptops growing popularity, there are many options for consumers to choose between. Micro Center provides the most affordable way to purchase name brand gaming laptops from popular companies like HP, Razer, Lenovo, and many more. Browse and compare our entire selection of gaming laptops here, and don’t forget to see our refurbished laptops for even more exciting deals on high quality, professionally refurbished, gaming laptops.

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