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Powerful and Portable: Workstation Laptops

From photo and video editing to app development to computer aided design, many different applications require the high end horsepower that only a workstation PC can provide. However, what if you need that power when you are on the go?

That is where laptop workstations come in. These high performance laptops are built with powerful specs suitable for demanding professional applications. With a mobile workstation, all the functionality you need is at your fingertips wherever you are working.

Choosing the Right Mobile Workstation PC

What should you look for when evaluating laptop workstations? These factors will help you make the right choice:

CPU: A fast and powerful CPU is one of the most important parts of a laptop workstation. Most workstation CPUs have at least six cores, and many have eight or more. Multi threading is a key feature for workstation CPUs since it allows the user to put each core to maximum use in handling heavy, complex workloads.

GPU: Some workstation laptops use an integrated GPU, as their workloads are typically more CPU heavy. However, if they require sophisticated graphics-rendering abilities, some laptop workstations have discrete graphics cards like those from NVIDIA’s professional focused Quadro RTX series.

SSD: Any modern workstation laptop will use a fast, high capacity solid state drive as its main storage, typically at least a 512GB SSD. Since many power users will need more storage than this, a workstation laptop will typically offer the ability to upgrade the SSD, in addition to adding extra storage such as external hard drives.

RAM: 16GB RAM is considered the minimum standard for a modern workstation laptop, but 32GB RAM is increasingly common. Which version of the DDR protocol the RAM uses is also important. DDR4 RAM is an older standard but still provides excellent performance, while DDR5 RAM is the latest, greatest and fastest memory available.

Display: Mobile workstations need clear, bright displays with at least a 1080p FHD resolution and excellent color fidelity. Many workstations also include larger screens than other types of laptops to ensure that there is plenty of room for detailed work onscreen.

ISV Certification: Manufacturers of workstation laptops collaborate with independent software vendors or ISVs to ensure that their products work well together. A laptop that is ISV certified has been tested and verified for stability and performance when running common software products from ISVs.

Explore Micro Center’s full selection of awesome deals on mobile workstation laptops from industry leaders like Dell, Lenovo, and more. Be sure to check out our full range of business laptops for more great prices on laptops designed for today’s professionals. Or, shop powerful computers that are also built for entertainment with our lineup of gaming laptops.

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