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Shop Wired and Wireless Gaming Headsets

Sound is an integral part of the gaming experience for most gamers, and that means a gaming headset will often be one of the key investments for your gaming setup. For one thing, competitive multiplayer games of all kinds require friction free communication between teammates. Even for single player gaming, great game audio quality can take your immersion to the next level with crisper fidelity on music, sound effects, and dialogue. Whether you need headphones for video games or PC gaming, check out our lineup of incredible gaming headphones here and experience what high quality sound can do for your gaming experience.

How to Find the Perfect Gaming Headset

What should you look for in a gaming headset? These are some relevant factors to think about:

Wired vs. Wireless: Like other gaming peripherals such as wired mice and keyboards, wired gaming headsets are still popular, thanks to their simple connectivity and latency free performance. However, wireless gaming headsets are increasingly popular among cord cutting gamers, and many now offer such low latency that they are comparable to wired headsets.

Sound Quality: A headset with superior sound quality will offer more of everything you love in your favorite games audio. Features to look for include headphones with larger diameter drivers and wider frequency response ranges - both available in the specs for a pair of headphones. To limit unwanted background noise, consider active noise canceling headsets.

Connectivity: Headsets with wireless connectivity use either Bluetooth or a 2.4 GHz RF signal. Wired headsets connect via a USB A or USB C port, or through a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Compatibility: Check which systems a headset is compatible with. Most offer some combination of Windows PC, PlayStation 4 or 5, Xbox One, Series X, Series S, or Nintendo Switch, but not all models are compatible with every system.

Surround Sound: Spatial audio, sometimes known as surround sound, is what allows you to hear footsteps behind you in a horror game, or the direction of enemy fire in a shooter. Many headsets now include this immersive feature in various forms like Dolby Atmos or DTS Headphone:X.

Battery Life: Wireless gaming headsets rely on rechargeable internal batteries for power, so look at each models rated battery life to get an idea of how long they can go between charges.

Microphone Quality: Streamers and multiplayer gamers should pay special attention to microphone quality. Look for features such as a wide dynamic range, noise canceling technology, and a built in pop filter on the microphone.

Fit and Comfort: Nearly all over ear gaming headsets offer an adjustable headband to fit different head sizes. The best gaming headsets go much farther, with features such as memory foam ear cups that offer a new dimension of comfort.

Here, you will find a complete selection of the best gaming headsets on the market. With Micro Centers outstanding deals on top brands like SteelSeries, Razer, Logitech, HyperX, and more, it has never been easier to get amazing sound during your gaming sessions. For more gaming audio options, be sure to check out all of our speakers, microphones, and headphones.

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