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Gaming Mice: Pinpoint Control for Gamers

For serious gamers, investing in a powerful gaming mouse can be the key to victory. A gaming mouse is designed for accuracy, speed, customizability, and everything else that you need to dominate in games. It might not automatically make you a better gamer, but it will give you the tools to be the best gamer you can possibly be.

Choosing the Right Gaming Mouse for You

Every gamer will need something a little different from their gaming mouse. Consider these factors as you choose your weapon for the battles ahead:

Wired vs. Wireless: Some gamers, particularly competitive esports FPS players, still prefer wired gaming mice, as they offer the lowest latency possible. However, the best wireless gaming mice now offer latency almost as low as wired models, so most gamers will be fine choosing either option.

Dots Per Inch: Also referred to as DPI, this measurement refers to the sensitivity of the mouses optical sensors and how quickly they move the cursor. Some gamers with an ultra light touch like it high, while others prefer it lower. Fortunately, many gaming mice offer buttons that allow users to switch DPI settings on the fly.

Wireless Connectivity: Wireless mice can connect to your PC using any of several technologies, including Bluetooth and RF wireless receivers. Choose the option that makes the most sense for your setup, and remember that many RF receivers will occupy one of your USB ports.

Programmable Buttons: Most gaming mice include the option to change button settings and mappings, but some offer large numbers of programmable side buttons. These are especially popular with MOBA and real time strategy players who need quick access to a lot of functions at once.

Ergonomic Shape: There is no substitute for a mouse that simply feels comfortable in your hand. To find the best shape for you, consider which mouse grip style you use when gaming: palm grip - placing your whole hand on top of the mouse, fingertip grip - moving the mouse primarily using your fingertips, or claw grip - a combination of palm and fingertips. All three styles have a wide variety of gaming mice designed to accommodate them, so try sorting by grip style to find one that feels great.

Ambidextrous Design: Left handed gamers should be sure to find a mouse with an ambidextrous design, meaning it can be used with either hand. Mice designed specifically for lefties are uncommon, but an ambidextrous mouse can provide the versatility you need.

Weight: The weight of a mouse can make a big difference in how it feels and moves. Ultra light gaming mice often weigh just 60g or less, and are the dominant choice among high level esports players, especially in first person shooter games. On the other end of the spectrum, some gaming mice, especially MOBA mice with tons of buttons, weigh in at 150g and up, so it all depends on what kind of games you play and what you find most comfortable.

Polling Rate: This measures how often a mouse reports its movements to the computer per second, measured in hertz or Hz. Any modern gaming mouse should have a polling rate of at least 1,000 Hz, while high end mice aimed at esports pros often have a polling rate of 4,000 Hz or greater.

Optical vs. Mechanical Switches: The majority of mice use optical switches to detect clicks, but some high end gaming mice use mechanical switches for a satisfying tactile feel.

RGB Lighting: Many gaming mice include RGB lighting options to give your setup a colorful vibe. These mice also include the option to turn RGB off if you want a break from the colors.

Battery Life: All wireless mice have to charge eventually. If you are worried that yours might run out of juice during a marathon gaming session, take a look at the mouses rated battery life before making your choice. Some models now also offer convenient features like wireless charging. Browse Micro Centers full selection of high performance PC gaming mice here and find great prices on brands like Razer, Corsair, Logitech, and many more. To complete your gaming setup, be sure to check out our lineup of gaming keyboards and mouse pads.

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