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Community Article My 3080 that I purchased here a few days ago has been crashing and lagging in games can I exchange — Micro Center Screen has been going black and sometimes it freezes and it has never done that before I bought this card. Community Article Need help cancelling an online order — Micro Center Hi, I need help cancelling an online order. I've been trying to reach a representative at the phone number provided but I am having no luck. Community Article Need Help Choosing Parts — Micro Center I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice. It will be for a triple monitor sim racing setup. Community Article Liquid cooling for ~$1k SFF — Micro Center Looking to start a small form factor build to replace my Dell XPS 8940 with a 2060 and i7. Community Article Can someone help me build a gaming pc for around 1200$ — Micro Center Can someone help me build a gaming pc for around 1200 with tax im new to pc building and just want the best for my money. Community Article Micro Center Service Highlights: Cesar G. from Chicago — Micro Center Written by @Rye_Bread with a background music recommendation: Community Article Replacement Power Supply for PowerSpec PS 650GFM — Micro Center I have a PowerSpec G316, the power supply died. It's part number is PowerSpec PS 650GFM. Community Article Power Supply replacement for a Dell XPS 8500 — Micro Center Looking for a replacement Power Supply suggestion for a Dell XPS 8500. The existing PS is 460W. Community Article Power Supplies: What You Need to Know Before Turning Your PC On — Micro Center Power supply units (PSUs) are not the flashiest part of a new computer build, and so they often go underrepresented in explainers and build guides. Community Article First time building a PC — Micro Center I am looking to build a gaming PC (I am also going to be using it for my new degree). I have a budget of about $2000. Could someone help me pick what is needed? Community Article [CLOSED] Share your PC Building Horror Story and enter to win a 3070 Graphics Card! - Page 6 — Micro Center Way back in the Pentium 1 days my dad and I got a 15GB hard drive, a huge upgrade to our 1GB which was nearly full.  He attached it and let me screw it in (I was about 11 at the time, he would get me do a bit here and there so I would learn). Community Article Micro Center Champions Recommend: Power Supplies — Micro Center Intro and PowerSpec 850 by @tbarggs The power supply, or PSU, is one of the most important parts of a PC build. Community Article Dad Build? — Micro Center I am building a machine for my dad. I have an old: Graphic Card: EVGA GTX 660 Power Supply: Community Article Suitable Replacement GPU — Micro Center I am looking for a suitable replacement GPU for this part list that I already have everything else for. Community Article Micro Center AMD Threadripper 3990X Build Guide — Micro Center Micro Center AMD Threadripper 3990X Build Guide Community Article ASUS ROG 5700XT — Micro Center Do not buy this card. Still has driver issues, Newegg is a 1.1 out of 5.  Fried my 750w evga Gold power supply. Community Article Power supply — Micro Center I am wanting to upgrade my PC to a Ryzen 5 3600 and a Radeon Rx 5600xt. I currently have a EVGA 500B power supply. Community Article power supply — Micro Center i am getting a ryzen 7 5800x rtx 3060 i was wonder witch of these power supply i can run i have the first one at the moment and would like to keep but wanna… Community Article Power In Pink: The Razer Quartz Build Guide — Micro Center Written by Sean Mekinda The Razer Quartz collection features a unique pink colorway that is sure to stand out in any setup. Community Article RTX 3070 Power Connections — Micro Center Hi all, I am planning on buying an RTX 3070, most likely an EVGA or Asus variant, both of which all require  2 x 8pin to power.  However, on my power supply, w…

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