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Windows Operating Systems for Every Application

Even the best computer hardware only gets you so far - you need an operating system to actually use it. Your computer operating system creates the graphical user interface you see on your monitor, loads application software, allocates memory, coordinates key components like your CPU and GPU, and generally plays a big role in all of the key functions of a computer.

While multiple types of operating systems exist, most devices today come preloaded with an OS. You will find Windows 11 or macOS on most PC and Mac computers, respectively, while Chromebooks run Googles open source Chrome OS and most mobile devices come loaded with a mobile operating system such as Android or iOS.

However, sometimes you will need to buy a new OS license, such as if you are building a new computer or setting up an office server. Microsoft Windows remains the most popular operating system for desktop and laptop computers. It is the OS of choice for the majority of PC builders, as well as for business users of all sizes. Micro Center offers multiple versions of Windows with the latest features for the best in productivity and entertainment.

Choosing an Operating System

Since the computer operating system shapes practically every aspect of the user experience, it is crucial to choose one that suits your needs. First, lets review the different types of computer programs and Windows licenses:

Full Packaged Product FPP: Also known as a retail license, an FPP license is the over the counter license that you can uninstall and reinstall as many times as you like on a limited number of devices, which is ideal for multitasking over various computers. FPP licenses may also include upgrades to newer versions that other licenses do not.

Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM and Original Equipment Installation OEI: These licenses are the same type that you will find installed on a prebuilt PC. They are generally tied to a single device and processing unit and may not include tech support services, which is why they also cost less than FPP licenses.

Volume: A volume license allows the holder, usually a large business or institution, to install Windows on large numbers of computers. These licenses are purchased directly from Microsoft.

Our selection of Windows products includes:

Windows Home: Windows 11 Home is the most popular operating system software for personal computers around the world today. Enjoy a smoother than ever interface, new desktop widgets, and more.

Windows Pro: For business owners and others who need enhanced security tools and more hardware headroom, Windows 11 Pro is the professionals next gen solution. It also allows you to log in to another computer within your domain through remote desktop.

Windows Server: Build your perfect business or institutional server with sophisticated features designed to handle heavy duty hardware and computing at scale. We also offer Client Access License CAL packs so you can quickly and easily add more users to your server configuration.

Browse all of our Windows operating system options above, or shop our whole software selection to get your PC set up for success.

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