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Cable Management Supplies - Get Your Cables Under Control

Even in our age of wireless devices, cables are still everywhere, and without the right cable management tools, they can take over your space. Our selection of cable management supplies will help you tame the jungle, whether the cables that connect peripherals to your computer, chargers for your tech gadgets, power cords that power your entire home office, or any of the many other types of cables and cords.

Types of Cable Management Supplies

Our selection includes dozens of types of cable management solutions. These are some of our most popular cable management items that you will find on this page:

Zip Ties: Nylon zip ties are a desk cable management classic, thanks to their extreme durability and wide variety of sizes and colors. They are common in home PC builds and extremely popular in offices, data centers, and other large IT installations.

Hook and Loop Cable Ties: These soft fabric ties feature built in hook and loop fabric that makes them easy to adjust or remove. Hook and loop ties are ideal for home use, and some PC builders prefer them to zip ties because they don’t have to be cut off if you need to change something.

Cable Clips: Need to attach your cables to walls, desks, or other surfaces? Adhesive cable clips offer a simple, durable way to set your cables in place. Just stick it to the surface and pop the cable in. We also offer heavy duty cable clamps for those who need an even more secure hold.

Cable Raceways: A raceway is a rigid length of tubing designed with functionality in mind. This type of cord management holds cables while attached to a flat surface. Raceways come in all shapes and sizes, and they are often a must have cord organizer for larger setups that require more complex cable routing. Cable sleeves - sometimes called cord covers - are a close cousin of raceways, but they are more flexible and typically made from a braided material.

Cable Organizers: These handy devices conceal power strips and otherwise give your cables a neater and more manageable appearance.

Cable Labels: Never mix up your power cables again with these simple and reusable hook and loop cord tags.

Shop our full selection of cable management supplies here and find our best prices on high quality cable clips, raceways, and so much more. Don’t forget about surge protectors. These surge safe power strips offer tons of outlets and are a must have for home and office alike. Check out our selection of surge protectors.

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