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QLED TVs: A Bright Idea

If nothing else, the idea of a quantum LED TV or QLED sounds cool. However, there is a lot more to it than a cool name. In fact, a QLED display can provide a substantial upgrade in color volume, picture quality, and overall viewing experience versus traditional LED and LCD panel TVs.

So, how does QLED actually work? First, a QLED display uses blue LED backlights, rather than the traditional yellow LEDs. The quantum part comes from the extra layer of so called quantum dot semiconductors in the stack of materials that make up its display panel. By combining the blue LED with reds and greens from the quantum dots, a QLED TV is able to produce an incredibly bright, full color gamut.

The result is a display with peak brightness, color fidelity, and contrast that is perfect for modern display technologies like HDR. Many of today’s best TVs use QLED displays, and they are a popular option for those seeking exceptional picture quality at a lower price point than OLED TVs.

QLED vs. Neo QLED vs. OLED: What is the Difference?

You might also have heard about other TV technologies like organic LED OLED and neo QLED and wondered what the difference between them and QLED is. Let’s take a second to find out

Neo QLED is an advanced type of QLED that uses mini LED backlights. By using numerous smaller LED lights, a neo QLED 4K panel can produce even sharper and more sophisticated images, with better definition and deeper contrast. Many also include full array local dimming, a technology that helps improve contrast via independently dimmable LEDs placed throughout the TV’s back panel.

On the other hand, an OLED is a totally different display technology that uses self illuminating pixels, each of which can be switched on or off. OLED offers numerous unique advantages, including the deepest blacks, sharpest image quality, and widest viewing angles. However, these features come at a price premium that is not in the budget of every buyer looking for a new TV.

Who Should Get a QLED or Neo QLED TV?

Whether you are a gamer hooking up their Xbox or PS5, or you have all the streaming services available, a QLED or neo QLED TV will provide excellent results for just about anyone seeking great picture quality. Today’s QLED models include all of the features you expect on a modern TV, including smart TV apps that make streaming a breeze and incredibly sharp 4K Ultra HD resolution. Most also feature HDR for incredible color fidelity.

That said, QLED TVs can be an especially good choice for those who want a more affordable alternative to OLED that offers premium features like HDR compatibility and local dimming. QLEDs are also a superb choice for TVs that will be located in brightly lit rooms since their extreme brightness can overpower even the gnarliest glare.

Micro Center’s selection of 4K smart TVs includes the top QLED models from the most trusted TV brands. Check out all of our QLED offerings here, or get your home theater fully decked out with our selection of soundbars and home theater systems.

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