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Seeing the Bigger Picture: 60 Inch TVs and Up

Technology is always finding ways to go bigger and better, and that is especially true when it comes to TVs. Today’s TVs are available with larger screen sizes than ever - not to mention 4K Ultra HD resolution, smart TV features, and more.

Micro Center has assembled a formidable lineup of the best TV screens over 60 inches for your home theater, living room, gaming cave, or wherever you enjoy your media. Each has an incredible variety of features to offer, so let’s look at some of the most popular and important ones.

Features to Look for in 60+ Inch TVs

Display Type: LED technology is the basis of all HDTVs today, but it comes in different forms with different characteristics. Standard LED TVs use an LED backlight with an LCD panel over it, and QLEDs add a quantum dot film layer to further improve picture quality. Meanwhile, organic LEDs or OLEDs don’t use backlights and instead use light emitting pixels, providing a new level of image quality.

HDR Support: High dynamic range creates a wider and more vivid range of colors on your TV, making HDR Smart TVs among the most popular models available today. The latest iterations of the standard, such as Dolby Vision and HDR10, offer even better color performance.

Smart TV Features: Most TVs now include Smart TV features such as built in streaming apps so you can access your favorite movies, TV shows, and music more easily. In addition, most Smart TVs offer compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa. However, the features can vary widely between models, so learn about the specific options a TV offers before making a decision.

Ports and Inputs: Verify that your TV includes any specific inputs you need. Most include at least two HDMI inputs, but you might need a larger number if you want to connect numerous media devices. Make sure to check for other inputs, such as USB ports, if you need these features.

Refresh Rate: If you want to use a video game console or PC with your TV, don’t forget to check the TVs refresh rate. 60Hz will be enough for some gamers, but others will want a 120Hz refresh rate for snappier performance in certain types of games - especially multiplayer eSports titles.

Shop our lineup of 4K smart TVs here and find amazing deals on TVs from Sony, Vizio, Samsung, LG, and more. Don’t forget to check out our lineup of refurbished TVs for our very best prices on like new TVs with premium features. See our home theater selection to build your ideal entertainment setup with soundbars, surround sound systems, and more.

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