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Mount Your Electronics with TV and Monitor Wall Mounts

Whether it is a single monitor in your home office or a brand new TV in your entertainment room, it is more common than ever to have electronics like a computer monitor and / or TV mounted on your wall or desk. A secure wall or desk mount can conserve precious desk space and open up possibilities, such as using dual monitors. Mounting electronics like TVs and soundbars are also popular, making TV wall mounts an important part of many people’s home theater setups.

Selecting a Wall Mount for Your Electronics

Electronics mounting hardware comes in a variety of styles and features. Whether you want a side by side screen setup or need an articulating arm, these are the basics you need to know to choose the wall mount:

Mounting Surface: Do you want to mount your electronics on a wall, desk, or table? Desk mounts typically clamp onto the edge of your desk or table and often use an articulating monitor arm, powered by a mechanical or gas spring, for maximum position versatility. Wall mounts come in many different forms, including spring arms and adjustable tilting brackets. Table mounts resemble traditional TV and monitor stands, often with additional features like dual monitor support and built in cable management.

Range of Motion: Fixed mounts, which don’t swivel or tilt but may allow height adjustments, are the most basic type. Tilt mounts offer height and screen angle adjustments, so your viewing angle can be perfectly positioned. They are a common choice for home theater systems and business use. For complete functionality, full motion mounts feature full swivel capacity for maximum positioning potential, making them a great choice for sit stand desks and other circumstances where you might need to change positions regularly.

VESA Mount Compatibility: The VESA mount system provides standard dimensions and screw configurations for TV and monitor mounts. Check your monitor or TV’s VESA mounting specs and find out whether it is compatible with your mount model. Most mounts will work with a variety of VESA specs, but it is important to know the ones you need.

Multiple Screens: With multiple computer screen setups becoming increasingly popular, a dual monitor desk mount or wall mount helps fit multiple monitors into your workspace and gives you more options for adjustment and positioning. Some desk mounts even offer triple monitor support.

Weight Capacity: To avoid overburdening your mount, determine your TV or monitor size and weight and check it against the rated weight capacity and maximum screen size of the mount.

Micro Center’s selection offers industry best pricing on sturdy monitor and TV mounts from trusted hardware manufacturers. Shop our whole lineup of mounting hardware here, and check out all of our ergonomic accessories for more gear that will help you create your ideal space for work and entertainment.

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