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Shop Our Best Deals on Unlocked Cell Phones

A smartphone is a must have for living and working in the world today. However, for those who want to buy a new phone without getting locked into a carrier contract, it is not always easy to find a quality phone at the right price. With an unlocked cell phone, you will be able to use your phone with any carrier network, such as Verizon, AT&T, or T Mobile, so long as the phone’s technical specs are compatible.

Which Phone Is Right for You

There are a few factors to think about when you are evaluating unlocked phones. First, due to differences in network technology, even unlocked phones are sometimes compatible only with certain carriers. Check the phone’s specs tab to see a list of compatible carriers. If you already have a SIM card you wish to transfer from another phone, check the phone’s connectivity specs as well to ensure that it supports your SIM card form factor.

Historically, the biggest difference in carrier compatibility has been whether a carrier used GSM or CDMA networks for its 2G and 3G traffic. Generally speaking, GSM phones are compatible with GSM networks such as the AT&T and T Mobile networks, while CDMA / GSM phones are universal and compatible with other carriers like Verizon as well. Frequent international travelers sometimes prefer GSM phones in addition to a strong WiFi source since some non U.S. countries use GSM as the foundation of their cellular networks.

Price is also a big factor for many phone buyers. If you are looking for a great deal on a newer iPhone or Google Pixel 6, see our large selection of refurbished and remanufactured phones. Mobile tech experts restore these previously owned phones top to bottom to get them in like new condition while maintaining an affordable price point.

Finally, of course, there are the usual considerations for any phone buyer. These can include: Battery life,front and rear camera specs, 5G compatibility, reception quality, wireless charging capability, screen size and resolution, water resistance, and performance on demanding apps.

The Best Selection of Unlocked Cell Phones

Maybe you prefer an Apple iPhone and iOS operating system, perhaps you are an Android fan and love the Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel line, or any of the many great Android phones from manufacturers like Motorola, OnePlus, and BLU. Or, you might simply be looking for an affordable, no frills feature phone that calls and texts.

Whatever you need, Micro Center makes it easy to find the perfect phone for you with our wide selection of unlocked smartphones and feature phones. Browse our whole lineup of unlocked phones here and find a great deal on your new phone.

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