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All In One Laser Printers from Micro Center

The best all in one printers bring you the ability to print, scan, copy, and fax documents with one device. Combine those features with the reliability and longevity of a laser printer, and you have a must have tool for the 21st century office or home office.

Micro Center is your premier source for the top all in one laser printers. Whether you are a creative, a small business owner, or an everyday user in need of a new home printer, we have selected a full range of all in one laser printers that are equipped to handle all of your office document tasks.

Advantages of Laser Printers

Laser printers offer a lot of upside that makes them a competitive option with inkjet printers. Some of their biggest advantages include:

Page Yield: Most toner cartridges can print thousands of pages before needing replacement, making laser printers a highly cost effective option for those who print many documents.

Print Speed: Laser printers are known for their fast print speeds, and print substantially faster than inkjets, another advantage that makes them a smart choice for high volume document printing.

Print Quality: Black and white text comes out crisp and smudge free on laser printers, eliminating a frequent issue with printing office documents on inkjets.

Maintenance: Laser printers are generally low maintenance and don’t experience common inkjet problems, such as clogged nozzles or ink cartridge issues.

Inkjet models remain a better option for some applications, such as printing photos. Overall, however, multifunction laser printers offer an impressively complete and versatile solution for everyday printing.

Laser Printers: Monochrome vs. Color

Monochrome laser printers print exclusively in black and white and are a popular, economical choice for high volume office printing. Monochrome toner usually costs less than color toner and tends to last longer before needing replacement. Overall, a monochrome laser printer offers outstanding efficiency for corporate and home office printing if you don’t need color printing capabilities.

Color laser printers deliver full spectrum color printing for graphics, photos, and other materials. They offer a low maintenance, high volume alternative to color inkjet printers, and the longevity of toner cartridges means they can often save on supply costs compared to inkjets. However, color laser printers do have higher up front costs, including more expensive toner cartridges, and the quality of the colors may not match those that a high performance inkjet produces.

Choosing Your All In One Laser Printer

In addition to the choice between color and monochrome, these are some other key features to consider when you are evaluating all in one laser printers:

Resolution: A higher DPI dots per inch resolution on your printer and scanner will give you crisper, more high quality prints and scans.

Connectivity: Most all in one printers support common connectivity standards like WiFi, Ethernet, and USB. If you need mobile printing connectivity through other protocols like Bluetooth or Apple AirPrint, look for a model that supports these protocols.

Automatic Document Feeder: This feature enables you to scan or copy a series of documents without the need to feed them into the paper tray by hand. It’s a must have for anyone who scans or copies many documents at once.

Automatic Duplex Printing: Another convenient feature, automatic duplex printing allows you to print on both sides of a document without flipping it manually.

Shop Micro Center’s selection of the best all in one laser printers here, or discover our full lineup of printers and find your ideal document printing solution.

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