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What Is a Wired Network Adapter?

Wired Ethernet networks may not have the ubiquity of wireless technologies like WiFi, but they are still a hugely important part of how people access the internet. Consumers, businesses, and institutions commonly use wired Ethernet networks to deliver fast, reliable network connections to their computer workstations.

However, our world is not always set up for fast Ethernet these days. Many new laptops lack built in RJ45 Ethernet ports, while the ports on older machines may not be able to handle the 1,000 Mbps plus Ethernet connections that are common today. Fortunately, wired network adapters offer solutions that can give your wired Ethernet the functionality you need.

Types of Wired Network Adapters

Ethernet network adapters come in several different varieties that perform different jobs. Micro Center offers the following types:

USB Ethernet Adapters: These USB adapter dongles allow you to use a wired Ethernet connection with a laptop that does not have an RJ45 LAN port. Just attach the converter to a USB 3.0 port and plug in your Ethernet cable on the other side – simple as that. These can be lifesavers for traveling techs and others who need access to fast and reliable Ethernet but use laptops without the right ports built in. Some models include additional USB ports that allow them to act as USB docking stations and chargers.

Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Cards: If your desktop computer has a stock Ethernet port that is not fast enough to handle the speeds of today’s gigabit Ethernet connections, an Ethernet adapter card is designed to fix that. These devices, also known as network cards or PCIe network adapters, typically attach via the PCIe interface on your computer’s motherboard and add an RJ45 port to your computer with gigabit capacity - sometimes more.

Ethernet Over Coax Adapter: Having trouble getting WiFi coverage from your router but can’t run Ethernet cables where you need them? An Ethernet over coax adapter lets you use your home’s existing coaxial cable wiring to provide high quality Ethernet connections throughout your home. Simply attach the adapter to your wall mounted coax connectors and follow the directions to connect it to your home network.

Shop Wired Network Adapters at Micro Center Today

Micro Center is the one stop source that pros and consumers alike trust for networking hardware. See our selection of modems, routers, extender antennas, and more to complete your networking solution. Looking for wireless network adapters instead? We have those too. For more options to customize your computer’s capabilities, make sure to see our Bluetooth adapters and HDMI adapters as well.

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