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Powerline Networking: Wired for Speed

Powerline adapter kits allow you to create a wired broadband network via your home’s electrical wiring and power outlets. If you are struggling with unreliable WiFi signal or you don’t have the ability to run longer Ethernet cables, you can use powerline adapters to create a fast and reliable wired connection - all without installing any new wiring or wall plates.

Simplicity is the name of the game in powerline networking, and setup is quick and easy:

Pair the two adapters that come in every powerline adapter kit

Connect your Ethernet cable from your router’s LAN Ethernet port to one powerline adapter and then plug the adapter into a standard grounded wall electrical outlet - don’t plug it into a surge protector or power strip

Plug the other adapter into another outlet where you want an Ethernet connection

Connect your Ethernet device for a fast and reliable network connection

Who Should Use Powerline Networking?

Which users can expect to get the most benefit from powerline Ethernet? Generally, powerline networking serves as an alternative in cases where running an Ethernet cable isn’t logistically feasible. That might be because you have an older building without Ethernet wall jacks, or because your home or business is too large to run Ethernet cables over long distances.

For example, you might set up a powerline network to connect access points in distant areas of your home and improve your WiFi connectivity. It’s also ideal for gaming consoles, smart TVs, and other devices that work best with wired internet connections. Finally, it can be a crucial tool for homes or businesses with Internet of Things IoT devices that need a consistent internet connection to maintain functionality in remote areas.

On the other hand, powerline networking might not be a good choice if your home or business has outdated electrical wiring, since it depends on consistent and high quality transmission over these wires. Powerline ethernet also tends to work best with devices that are connected to the same electrical circuit. Although it can pass through circuit breakers, some users notice reduced performance compared to same circuit operation.

Discover Micro Center’s Powerline Solutions

Micro Center offers a complete selection of the best powerline networking gear that will get your home network powered up. Shop our top powerline adapters here and find solutions from trusted brands like Netgear and TP Link, or click to browse our entire selection of wired and wireless network hardware.

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