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Epson FastFoto FF-680W Wireless High Speed Photo Scanning System
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Shop Our Document, Photo, Portable and Barcode Scanners

From home offices to small businesses to classrooms and beyond, optical scanning technology is a key tool that is used just about everywhere. That is why Micro Center offers a full range of computer scanners perfect for digitizing your most important photos and documents. Our selection also includes high performance optical barcode scanners essential for industries like retail and logistics.

It is easier than ever to produce high quality document scans with todays wide array of digital scanning tools. Compact portable scanners allow you to digitize key documents on the go, while HD desktop photo scanners provide ultra high resolution scans of photos, drawings, and more. Plus, an array of features like touchscreens and automatic document feeders allow you to perfect your scanning workflow.

Choosing a Document Scanner

Consider these key factors when you are selecting the best document scanner for your application:

Flatbed Scanner vs. Sheet Fed Scanner: Flatbed scanners are larger scanners that use a glass surface much like a photocopier to scan documents. Sheet fed models resemble printers and scan documents as the sheets are fed through the machine. Flatbeds are often the preferred choice of those who need the best high resolution images, while sheet fed scanners are perfect for offices and other settings where many documents need to be scanned quickly.

Optical Resolution: A scanner’s optical resolution, measured in DPI or dots per inch, basically determines the level of detail that the scanner is able to pick up. If you need high image quality, look for scanners with higher DPI ratings.

Auto Document Feeder: Many sheet fed scanners use an automatic document feeder or ADF that offers high speed scanning of multiple pages in sequence, with minimal need for monitoring. To find out exactly how fast a scanner’s ADF can work, check the pages per minute or PPM listed in the specs.

Document Size: Some users will need a scanner with the ability to scan specific document sizes such as tabloid pages, business cards, or receipts, so check the scanner’s specs to see which document sizes it supports.

Form Factor: Scanners come in a huge variety of form factors. Ultra compact portable document scanners fit easily in a briefcase or backpack and can scan documents on the go. On the other side, desktop document scanners require more space but offer more features and often higher image fidelity.

Touchscreen: Many scanners include an LCD touchscreen to make managing your scanned documents faster and more efficient.

Operating Systems: Scanners today are often compatible with both PC and Mac computers, but it is always worth checking the specs to ensure yours supports the operating system you use.

Shop Micro Center’s full lineup of computer scanners and find the best prices on brands like Epson, Fujitsu, Brother, Canon, and more. Looking for all in one printer scanner copier combos? Check out our selection of printers.

Barcode Scanners for Small Businesses

We also offer a selection of barcode scanners for small businesses like warehouses, retail shops, and more. These handheld scanners include must have features like fast scanning speeds, easy USB connectivity, and waterproof dustproof construction. See our entire selection of barcode scanners here.

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