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Browse 3D Printer Accessories

3D printing is a powerful and rewarding technology - but to get the most from your 3D printer, it is important to have the right accessories on hand. From filament storage to extruder upgrade kits, Micro Center offers a complete selection of 3D printing accessories you can use to optimize your printers performance.

Which 3D Printer Accessories Do You Need?

Our selection includes essential 3D printing materials like:

Build Plates: Replace or upgrade the build surface in your 3D printer with our printer bed kits. Each one is designed for easy installation and durable performance. Many models offer an easy way to add cool features like a heated bed.

Tools: Various hand tools can make the printing process substantially easier. Print removal tools are crucial for scraping old filament off the print bed, making them a must have for beginners and experts alike. Meanwhile, digital calipers allow you to measure printed parts with extreme precision, mini wrenches make adjusting mechanical parts easy, and cutting pliers are ideal for snipping filament.

Extruders and Nozzles: In an FDM printer, the high temperature hotend nozzle is where the action happens, so it is crucial to choose the right one for you. We offer a full range of 3D printer nozzles and heating elements to give you the best performance on any kind of print.

Other Parts: Our selection of 3D printer parts provides everything you need to repair or customize your printer, from motherboards to stepper motors and beyond.

Filament Accessories: It is crucial to keep your 3D printing filament safe and organized. That is why we offer accessories like multi spool filament storage cases, as well as utility items like purge filaments, which help clean scraps of old filaments out of your extruder nozzle.

3D Scanners: Transform physical objects into highly detailed prints with the power of a 3D scanner. These handheld optical scanners create precision images of real life objects, which can then be inspected in depth or turned into prints compatible with your 3D printer.

Tape and Adhesives : Using tapes or adhesives on your print bed can improve bed adhesion and help prevent warping in your prints, as well as potentially making prints easier to remove. Check out our selection of polymer adhesives and glue sticks to find the right adhesive for your printing projects.

That is just the beginning of the 3D printer accessories and materials available from Micro Center. Don’t forget to shop our full selection of filaments and resins, including popular choices like PLA and ABS - or explore all of our 3D printers, including complete kits to get you started.

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