EXTRAS: Office 2013 Frequently Asked Questions

Description: Here is a collection of our frequently asked questions for Office 2013.

  1. How to install Microsoft Office 2013.
    1. In order to install Office 2013, you need a Microsoft Account (think Apple ID or Google Account) Your current email (yourname@yourISP.com), another portal email (yourname@gmail.com or yourmail@yahoo.com), or a Microsoft portal email (hotmail.com, live.com or outlook.com) can all be used for your Microsoft account. Before you start downloading Office 2013, create a Microsoft Account if you don't already have one. https://signup.live.com/signup.aspx?lic=1. Remember, when you do create the Microsoft Account you'll also have to log into the email account you used to find the email that validates your Microsoft Account.
    2. Now you're ready to go to www.office.com/setup, enter the 25 character Product Key that came in the package, sign into the newly created (AND VALIDATED!) Microsoft Account in order to begin the download.
    3. It seems a bit confusing at first, but if you separate the creation and validation of a Microsoft Account (which will come in handy going forward for use with your cloud storage and synchronizing your information across Microsoft devices) from the installation of Microsoft Office 2013 it will go smoother and quicker.
    4. See more at: http://www.microcentertech.com/tech_center/DB/read_article.php?faqid=./Info/INF5011131A.htm.

  2. What is the difference between Office 2013 and Office 365 Versions?
    1. Office 2013 can be installed on a single PC only. The suites are still the same as the previous Office releases including: Home & Student, Home & Business, and Professional.
    2. Office 2013 includes updated applications, 7 GB of SkyDrive Storage, ability to sign into Office elsewhere while keeping your personal settings, and also now has touch and stylus support.
    3. Office 365 is a subscription based suite that can be installed on up to 5 PCs, Macs, and select mobile devices.
    4. Office 365 includes the same applications as Office Professional 2013 along with 20 GB of SkyDrive Storage, 60 Skype world minutes, Office on Demand, and it is in the form of an annual subscription with ongoing product and service updates to the suite so that you always have the most current version of the programs as long as you are subscribed.
    5. See more at: http://www.microcentertech.com/tech_center/DB/read_article.php?faqid=./Info/INF5008351B.htm.

  3. What is SkyDrive?
    1. SkyDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage. SkyDrive allows you to save your files to a server "in the cloud" allowing you to access the files from anywhere with an internet connection. Microsoft has implemented SkyDrive into the new Office 2013 allowing easy access to your files from any computer, smartphone or tablet.
    2. SkyDrive also allows for multiple people to access your Office files at the same time on different devices without creating any conflicts.
    3. In order to use SkyDrive with Office 2013 you need to use a Microsoft Account and you need to have the SkyDrive application on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
    4. SkyDrive is already included with Windows 8.
    5. You can Download SkyDrive here for your other devices http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/skydrive/download.
    6. See more at: http://www.microcentertech.com/tech_center/DB/read_article.php?faqid=./Info/INF5008281D.htm.

  4. How to Sync Microsoft Office 2013 through SkyDrive with other computers.
    1. Open the SkyDrive application and click Get Started. Log in with your Microsoft account. Click Next to set location of your SkyDrive folder. If you want to pick which folders to sync select the appropriate radio button, otherwise click Next. Make sure the box is checked off for SkyDrive to fetch any of my files off of this PC, then click Done. Your SkyDrive folder will appear and you can start moving files into it. Log into SkyDrive on any computer through this process to get your files.
    2. See more at: http://www.microcentertech.com/tech_center/DB/read_article.php?faqid=./HowTos2/HOW5008861B.htm.

  5. How to share an Office 2013 document using SkyDrive.
    1. From any Office 2013 Document. Select File and then Share. Before you can share the document you need to select Save to Cloud. Save it to any preferred place on your SkyDrive. Once saved, select Share again. Select Invite People. Type in the names or email addresses of the people you would like to share this file with. You can give them a message or require them to sign in before accessing the document. When ready select Share. If you ever want to stop sharing the document in the future, select File, Share and Invite People again. Right click the invited user and select Remove User.
    2. See more at: http://www.microcentertech.com/tech_center/DB/read_article.php?faqid=./HowTos2/HOW5008891B.htm.

  6. How to import your old .PST file into Outlook 2013.
    1. With Outlook 2013 open, choose File. Select Open & Export and then Import/Export. Select Import from another program or file and choose Next. Select your Outlook Data File (.pst) and choose Next. Select Replace duplicates with items imported and select Next. Select Include subfolders and Import items into same folder in and select Finish. This process may take a few minutes depending on the size of your .PST file but once it finishes you are all set
    2. See more at: http://www.microcentertech.com/tech_center/DB/read_article.php?faqid=./HowTos/HOW5008391B.htm

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