IMPORTANT: Installing Microsoft Office 2013

Description: Since Microsoft Office 2013 (which runs on Windows 8 and Windows 7 only) was released, we've had a number of customer come in needing help installing this latest version of Office.

If you've been installing Office from a CD/DVD (or way back when: 20-30 floppies), the process has changed.

First you'll notice that when you purchase Office, the box contains the "key" to activate office, but no disk or other media.

Here's the step that can save you some confusion: In order to install Office 2013, you need a Microsoft Account (think Apple ID or Google Account --- same idea.) Your current email (, another portal email ( or, or a Microsoft portal email (, recently renames can all be used for your Microsoft account. Before you start downloading Office 2013, create a Microsoft Account if you don't already have one. Remember, when you do create the Microsoft Account you'll also have to log into the email account you used to find the email that validates your Microsoft Account.

NOW you're ready to go to, enter the 25 character Product Key that came in the package, sign into the newly created (AND VALIDATED!) Microsoft Account in order to begin the download.

It seems a bit confusing at first, but if you separate the creation and validation of a Microsoft Account (which will come in handy going forward for use with your cloud storage and synchronizing your information across Microsoft devices) from the installation of Microsoft Office 2013 it will go smoother and quicker.

For more assistance contact Technical Support here.

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