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How to disable Protocol Filtering in ESET Version 9

Description: This article will show how to disable protocol filtering in ESET Version 9. There may be a question as to whether ESET is blocking internet connectivity - disabling protocol filtering can help to rule out or confirm if this is the case.

  1. Click on Show hidden icons in the system tray.
    Windows 10 Show hidden icons, system tray
  2. Open ESET by double clicking on the ESET icon in the system tray.
    ESET icon in Windows 10 system tray
  3. Click Setup on the left panel.
    ESET Version 9 Setup button on left panel of ESET
  4. Click Advanced Setup in the bottom right corner.
    ESET Version 9 Advanced Setup button bottom right of ESET
  5. Click Web and Email on the left.
    ESET Version 9 Web and Email button Selected
  6. Click the white portion to the right of the blue check mark to disable protocol content filtering.
    ESET Version 9Protocol content filtering toggle
  7. Click the OK button on the bottom.
    ESET Protocol Filtering Settings OK Selected
  8. Click Yes in the user access control prompt to allow ESET to make these changes.