How to activate your ESET Renewal

Description: This article will show you how to update your ESET software to the latest version and activate your ESET subscription renewal.

If you have time remaining on your previous license, your new license will start as soon as you activate it. Please do not activate early as you will lose days remaining on your existing license subscription.

  1. Once you have completed the purchase of your ESET license subscription renewal, it is now time to download the latest version of your ESET software.
    • Most likely you have a 64-bit operating system, but make sure to click on the button for the version of the operating system that fits your computer.
    • Write down your new activation key exactly as shown on your screen or copy and paste it into a text file on your computer. You will need this key later on in the process. 
    • Click on the appropriate button (Download 32-bit version or Download 64-bit version as pictured below) for your computer.
    • Follow the prompts on your screen to run or install the updated program version over your existing, older version, of ESET software.
    Micro Center ESET Renewal Confirmation Landing Page
  2. If somehow you closed the above page, you will also have received an email containing your activation key. You can always click on the Activate Now link within that email to get back to the above page.
    Micro Center ESET Renewal Confirmation Email
  3. Once you have downloaded and installed the program it will prompt you to activate. Choose Activate using an Activation Key (recommended), then click Next.
    ESET Program Product Activation Screen, using Activation Key
  4. Fill out the form with all of the information, including your new activation key, then click Next.
    ESET Program Activation Information
  5. Once you have filled out the form it will check the activation key and you should receive an Activation completed screen. You can then click Finish.
    ESET Program Activation Complete, Finish