What to do when a laptop does not power on properly

Description: This article will provide steps in troubleshooting a problem of a laptop not powering on correctly. The lights will come on and fan spins but nothing appears on the screen.

  1. The laptop needs to be shut down correctly, so please hold down the Power button for 10 full seconds (even if the display goes blank before then), then release the Power button.
  2. Remove the AC Power Cord from the computer and the Battery from the bottom of the laptop. Please refer to the manual for your laptop computer for instructions on removing the battery.
  3. Hold the Power button down again for 10 full seconds, nothing will be visible for this action. This will discharge all the capacitors inside the laptop.
  4. Release the Power button, plug in just the AC Power Adaptor into the laptop, and press the Power button to turn the laptop back on.
  5. Other options to try are: testing another outlet for AC Power Adaptor, reseating the RAM on the laptop (if possible), or trying another power cord for the computer.

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